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An Update on Integrating Zcash on Ethereum (ZoE)

Posted byuserChristian Reitwiessner on January 19th, 2017.

Members of the Ethereum R&D team and the Zcash Company are collaborating on a research project addressing the combination of programmability and privacy in blockchains. This joint post is being concurrently posted on the Zcash blog, and is coauthored by Ariel Gabizon (Zcash) and Christian Reitwiessner (Ethereum). Ethereum’s flexible smart contract interface enables a large variety […]



Introduction of the Light Client for DApp developers

Posted byuserZsolt Felföldi on January 7th, 2017.

The first version of the Light Ethereum Subprotocol (LES/1) and its implementation in Geth are still in an experimental stage, but they are expected to reach a more mature state in a few months where the basic functions will perform reliably. The light client has been designed to function more or less the same as a […]