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eth2 quick update no. 15

Farmer minds his crops An optimistic outlook The fields are aflame tl;dr Medalla chugging along smoothly Client diversity is a must eth1+eth2 (Phase 1.5 aka The Merge) end-to-end demo Testing and audits continue as we approach Phase 0 launch
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The Stateless Tech Tree: reGenesis Edition

This week we’re revising the Tech Tree to reflect some new major milestones to Ethereum 1.x R&D that are not quite a complete realization of Stateless Ethereum, but much more reasonably attainable in the mid-term. The most significant addition to the tech tree is Alexey’s reGenesis proposal. This is far from a well-specified upgrade, but the general sentiment from R&D is that reGenesis offers a less dramatic yet much more attainable step towards the ultimate goal of the “fully stateless”...

Validated, staking on eth2: #5 - Why client diversity matters

*Disclaimer: None of this is meant as a slight against any client in particular. There is a high likelihood that each client and possibly even the specification has its own oversights and bugs. Eth2 is a complicated protocol, and the people implementing it are only human. The point of this article is to highlight how and why the risks are mitigated.* With the launch of the Medalla testnet, people were encouraged to experiment with different clients. And right from genesis,...
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ESP: Beyond Grants [ENG/普通话]

Since transitioning into the Ecosystem Support Program from EF Grants, we’ve talked about defining “support” more comprehensively, thinking beyond simple grant funding. But what does a more comprehensive definition of support actually mean? In practice, it means something different for every project, and it starts with a conversation. ESP was conceived to make a wide range of EF’s resources more accessible to the community, which starts with making our process accessible to anyone who might need support. We take the...
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eth2 quick update no. 14

All eyes on Medalla testnet – genesis in less than 24 hours 👀 tl;dr Medalla testnet launches August 4th at 1pm UTC New multi-client attacknet is up with new challenges and larger bounties
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Ethereum turns 5 🎂

Five years ago today, Ethereum’s genesis block marked the official network launch. Today, most members of the community spend their time thinking about all of the work that’s left to be done, but it’s also important to recognize on this fifth anniversary of Ethereum’s launch just how unbelievably far we have all come, what a wild adventure every twist and turn has been, and how much all of us (and the technology) have grown. There were times when some hoped... Translation Program: Milestone and Updates

Your browser does not support the video tag. Today we’re excited to celebrate a huge milestone - now supports 30 languages! 🎉🎉🎉 Since we launched the Website Translation Program seven months ago, we’ve seen how decentralized collaboration can result in a significant impact in the ecosystem, benefiting hundreds of thousands of community members around the world. As of today, 467 volunteers from 52 language groups have helped make accessible to non-English speaking communities in their mother tongues. Thanks...