Go Ethereum’s JIT-EVM

The Ethereum Virtual machine is kind of different than most other Virtual Machines out there. In my previous post I already explained how it’s used and described some of its characteristics. The Ethereum Virtual Machine (EVM) is a simple but powerful, Turing complete 256bit Virtual Machine that allows anyone to execute arbitrary EVM... [Read More]

Security Alert – cpp-ethereum keeps accounts unlocked

Affected configurations: cpp-ethereum (eth, AlethZero, …) version 1.2.0 up to 1.2.5 (fixed in 1.2.6) Note: Neither “geth” nor “Mist” nor the “Ethereum Wallet” (unless explicitly used together with cpp-ethereum) are affected by this, they lock accounts correctly again.</section><section class="postbody"></section><section class="postbody">Severity: High</section><section class="postbody"></section><section class="postbody">Possible Attacks: Attackers can spend funds from previously... [Read More]

On Settlement Finality

Special thanks to Tim Swanson for reviewing, and for further discussions on the arguments in his original paper on settlement finality. [Read More]