Vitalik’s Research and Ecosystem Update

Over the last five days, myself, our executive director Ming Chan, and several others from the Ethereum team and Ethereum-based projects and businesses including Maker, String/Dfinity and Consensys have been visiting China and Hong Kong, where there have been a series of back-to-back conferences and events most notably including the... [Read More]

Ethereum Dev Update 2015 / Week 41

In an effort to bring the community more information about the going-ons at Ethereum, we’re planning to release semi-weekly updates of project progress. I hope this provides some high-level information without having to live on GitHub ;) [Read More]

The Evolution of Ethereum

Many of you know that the Ethereum platform grew out of the realization that blockchains can go far beyond currency, together with a frustration with the limitations of previous projects. The core idea was simple: a blockchain with a built-in Turing-complete programming language, allowing users to build any kind of... [Read More]

More uncle statistics

The following are some interesting results on the performance of different miners over the course of the first 280,000 blocks of the Ethereum blockchain. For this timespan I have collected the list of block and uncle coinbase addresses; raw data can be found here for blocks and here for uncles,... [Read More]