Nick Szabo Confirmed as Keynote Speaker of Ethereum’s DEVCON1

London, United Kingdom, October 22nd - The Ethereum Foundation is pleased to announce the Keynote Speaker of Ethereum’s annual conference DΞVCON1, Nick Szabo. Nick’s keynote will focus on the history of the blockchain, smart contracts and assets on the blockchain. Nick is a computer scientist, legal scholar and cryptographer known... [Read More]

Vitalik’s Research and Ecosystem Update

Over the last five days, myself, our executive director Ming Chan, and several others from the Ethereum team and Ethereum-based projects and businesses including Maker, String/Dfinity and Consensys have been visiting China and Hong Kong, where there have been a series of back-to-back conferences and events most notably including the... [Read More]

Ethereum Dev Update 2015 / Week 41

In an effort to bring the community more information about the going-ons at Ethereum, we’re planning to release semi-weekly updates of project progress. I hope this provides some high-level information without having to live on GitHub ;) [Read More]