Devcon: Hacia Colombia en 2021

Queridos Amigos, In our most recent update, we outlined what Devcon is all about and spoke to our renewed focus on growing the Ethereum ecosystem. Part of that focus is on making sure that, for all types of attendees, the next Devcon is all that we dream for it to be and more. For details on those goals and beyond, please read the full post here! Today, we’re going to tackle our site-selection and timing, along with more on what’s... [Read More]

Validated, staking on eth2: #4 - Keys 🔑

Special thanks to Sacha Yves Saint-Leger & Danny Ryan for their review. At the core of every Proof of Stake system is a signature scheme. Signatures are used to verify the identity of each validator allowing their actions, both good and bad, to be attributed to them. We can verify honesty by looking at a validator’s signed messages and we can prove malice by showing messages that violate the rules of consensus. In fact, in eth2, the identity of a... [Read More]

Ethereum Foundation 2020 Spring Update

To the users and the builders, We’ve said it before and we’ll say it again: Ethereum’s future is bright, and this year we are seeing much of that future come to life as the Ethereum ecosystem builds on a foundation laid by dedicated research and development over the last years. This update will focus on how the Ethereum Foundation aims to help further Ethereum’s progress, on what we’ve been working on in terms of allocations and more, and on why... [Read More]

Ecosystem Support Program: Allocation Update, Q1 2020

The Ecosystem Support Program is an arm of the Ethereum Foundation dedicated to providing financial and non-financial support to projects working to help Ethereum grow and thrive. We recently published an update detailing how the Ecosystem Support Program spent 2019, and how we allocated financial support throughout the year. Going forward, we’ll be sharing allocation updates on a quarterly basis. 2020 got off to a strange and difficult start, but Ethereum’s builders have kept on building through it all. The... [Read More]

eth2 quick update no. 11

We’ve all been pretty busy with all the things! I’ll try to keep these posts rolling out, but in the meantime, be sure to checkout Ben Edgington’s What’s New in Eth2 to get your fix. Tune into Ethereal Virtual Summit this Thursday and Friday! It’s full of excellent eth2 content and it’s 100% FREE. Thank you to all the organizers for their hard work in making the switch to online. I’m super excited :) tl;dr Doubling rewards for Phase 0... [Read More]

The 1.x Files: A Primer for the Witness Specification

Since a lot of us have a bit more time on our hands, I thought now might be a good opportunity to proceed with something perhaps a little bit boring and tedious, but nevertheless quite fundamental to the Stateless Ethereum effort: understanding the formal Witness Specification. Like the captain of the Battleship in StarCraft, we’re going to take it slow. The witness spec is not a particularly complicated concept, but it is very deep. That depth is a little daunting,... [Read More]

EF-Supported Teams: Research & Development Update

2020 Pt. 1

Friends, From our team to you and yours, we hope everyone and their families are well and keeping safe during these complicated weeks. To help pass some time while we’re all stuck in doors, it’s time again to update the community on progress made by some of the EF-supported projects not covered in last week’s ESP Allocation Update. While the last Winter edition in this series was posted only a few months ago, we’ve all come a long way since... [Read More]

The 1.x Files: The Updated Stateless Tech Tree

The Updated Stateless Ethereum Tech Tree Apologies for the delay in releasing this post; there have been some unavoidable distractions in my life recently, as I’m sure there have been in yours. I hope that you are making the best of your circumstances, whatever they may be, and implore you to turn your empathy up to eleven for the next few months, and to help your community’s at-risk people in whatever capacity you can :pray:. With that said, let’s talk... [Read More]