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EF-Supported Teams: Research & Development Update

Friends, Leaves have fallen for those in the global north, Summer is on the way in the south, and ETH is staked across the globe. The jolliest of holidays has arrived, the birth of the beacon chain. Moreover, incredible progress has been made in recent months by all EF supported teams. But without the ability to interact in person recently, we might’ve missed quite a bit from one another. So as this unique year draws to a close, we’re excited...

We are sunsetting Studio

Within the next few weeks, we’ll be winding down Ethereum Studio. Please use this time to download any projects you have saved. To download your project, use the download icon in the file explorer. If you’re looking for another web environment for your Solidity development, we recommend Remix. Also, we encourage you to consider setting up a local development environment. For tools, documentation, and more, check out our developer portal.
The 1.x Files

The Burden of Proof(s): Code Merkleization

A note about the Stateless Ethereum initiative: Research activity has (understandably) slowed in the second half of 2020 as all contributors have adjusted to life on the weird timeline. But as the ecosystem moves incrementally closer to Serenity and the Eth1/Eth2 merge, Stateless Ethereum work will become increasingly relevant and impactful. Expect a more substantial year-end Stateless Ethereum retrospective in the coming weeks. Let’s roll through the re-cap one more time: The ultimate goal of Stateless Ethereum is to remove...
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EthereumJS VM v5 Release

While everyone is staring in amazement on December 1st, 12pm UTC anticipating the Eth 2.0 Beaconchain genesis, within the JavaScript team we quietly prepared our own little genesis release in the shadows. Being very much around the good ol’ Eth 1.0 chain we are nevertheless very much excited on this too. 😀 Some background story: the EthereumJS ecosystem around the VM consists of a very modular set of libraries (vm, blockchain, merkle-patricia-tree, tx,…), each encapsulating its own dedicated set of...
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Allocation Update: Q3 2020

It’s quarterly update time again! The big news is is the Q3 grantees, of course, but we always like to share what else the ESP team has been up to. A few things we’ve knocked out lately: Added a Guide to ESP on our website. Here you’ll find details on our mission, what we look for in the projects we support, types of support we provide, our process for accepting and evaluating grant proposals, and more. Published the first in...
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Grantee Roundup: November 2020

It’s always fun to hear about new grants as they’re awarded, but what happens after the announcement? In this series, we’ll check in on projects that are well underway - or already at the finish line. Read on to learn about some recent milestones and achievements by grantees! Where applicable, the grant recipient is listed first, followed by the project for which the grant was awarded. Fuel Labs for Optimistic Rollup R&D, SparsENS Fuel Labs is best known for their...
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Medalla data challenge results

The EF is excited to announce the results of the Medalla data challenge, a data hackathon focused on the Medalla testnet ✨ The prompt was open-ended: we asked for data tools, visualizations, and analyses of testnet data; in short, anything that would help the community make sense of all the data. Over the course of six weeks we received 23 submissions from a wide variety of teams. We were pleased to see high quality submissions for every category. Prizes are...