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June 1, 2023


Ethereum Protocol Fellowship - Fourth Cohort Applications Are Open!
Ethereum Protocol Fellowship - Fourth Cohort Applications Are Open!

by Protocol Support Team

TL;DR: Applications for the fourth cohort of EPF are now open! Submit your application here before June 16th. Greetings, Ethereum community! We are excited to announce that the application period for the fourth cohort of the Ethereum Protocol Fellowship (EPF) is officially open! The EPF is an initiative aimed at supporting the development of Ethereum's core protocol by providing a pathway for aspiring protocol contributors to gain the experience needed to make meaningful contributions. This program is specifically tailored toward developers and researchers who have an unyielding passion for Ethereum, its community, and the possibilities of decentralized technology. In each cohort, we seek to assemble a diverse group of fellows who will work to advance Ethereum's technology during the four month fellowship. This includes everything from the development

May 10, 2023


Ethereum Protocol Fellowship: Third Cohort Recap

by Protocol Support Team

TL;DR: The EPF concluded its third cohort and is preparing for the fourth cohort. Applications will be open soon. Sign up here to get notified when they open. The Ethereum Protocol Fellowship recently completed its third successful cohort in February 2023. Its completion marked 4 months of immersive learning, research and contribution to the Ethereum core ecosystem from a group of talented and dedicated fellows. Before we look into the third cohort, let's recap what Ethereum core development is and how EPF fits into its landscape.

May 3, 2023


Secured #5: Public Vulnerability Disclosures Update

by Fredrik Svantes

Today, we have disclosed the second set of vulnerabilities from the Ethereum Foundation Bug Bounty Program! 🥳 These vulnerabilities were previously discovered and reported directly to the Ethereum Foundation. When bugs are reported and validated, the Ethereum Foundation coordinates disclosures to affected teams and helps cross-check vulnerabilities across all clients. The Bug Bounty Program currently accepts reports for the following client software: Erigon Go Ethereum Lodestar Nethermind Lighthouse Prysm Teku Besu Nimbus In addition to client software, the Bug Bounty Program also covers the Deposit Contract, Execution Layer & Consensus Layer Specifications and Solidity. 🙏

by Mihajlo Atanackovic

Hello everyone! My name is Mihajlo, and over the past six months as part of my Next Billion Fellowship, I’ve been working to bring the benefits of Web3 to the World Scouting Movement. Growing up in Serbia in the '90s, I experienced firsthand the devastating effects that wars and sanctions can have on young people. There weren’t a lot of opportunities to find good role models or supportive peers. In that sort of environment, it’s easy for youth to become caught up in gangs or criminal activity. I would say it’s because of technology and the scouting movement that I was able to avoid turning down the wrong path. In 1996, I searched for "Izviđači" (Serbian for ‘scout’) on Yahoo, and stumbled upon one of the

by Devcon Team

Dear Ethereum community, builders, and researchers, At the first-ever Devconnect last year in Amsterdam in 2022, we came together for a week of in-depth workshops and discussions. Many that participated in the sessions and conversations told us they felt Devconnect had a significant impact on the ecosystem by driving progress in tangible ways. Many expressed their wishes for Devconnect to happen again, and after we saw the impact, we strongly agreed. Today, we can finally share that Devconnect is coming back and is planned for November 13-19 this year in Istanbul! 🇹🇷

March 28, 2023


Mainnet Shapella Announcement

by Protocol Support Team

Withdrawals are coming! The Shapella network upgrade will activate on the Ethereum network at epoch 194048, scheduled for 22:27:35 UTC on Apr. 12, 2023 Stakers & node operators should read this post as well as the Withdrawals FAQ From now until April 5th, the Ethereum Bug Bounty rewards have been doubled for Shapella vulnerabilities You can now sign up to receive emails for these upgrade announcements. Scroll to the bottom of the page to do so 📩 After a smooth Goerli transition, client teams have scheduled the Shapella upgrade for mainnet activation. Consensus was quickly reached on an April 12th date during the 157th AllCoreDevs Execution Layer meeting. This upgrade follows The Merge and enables validators to withdraw their stake from the Beacon Chain back to

March 16, 2023


Next Billion Fellowship Cohort 3 - Call for applications

by Next Billion Team

Ethereum is a living entity, distributed across time and space, accessible through our screens and communication devices. What gives it life are the myriad human relationships that have become intertwined with the roots, branches, and leaves of the Ethereum state tree. This single tree encodes immense value, digital property, and dapp utility -- not an insignificant slice of human activity. But the humans who currently give Ethereum life do not represent all humans -- many gaps across cultures, nationalities, and class must be bridged. The use cases and novel solutions that have so far been developed and advertised and touted by web3 builders do not yet represent the true potential of Ethereum to enable human flourishing -- **we have not yet scratched the surface of possibility

by Protocol Support Team

Withdrawals are coming! The Shapella network upgrade will activate on the Goerli network at epoch 162304, scheduled for 10:25:36 PM UTC on Mar. 14, 2023 Stakers & node operators should read this post as well as the Withdrawals FAQ The Zhejiang testnet can be used to test Shapella functionality prior to the Goerli upgrade A Shapella Community Call is scheduled for 15:00 UTC on Mar. 13, 2023 You can now sign up to receive emails for these upgrade announcements. Scroll to the bottom of the page to do so 📩 After a smooth Sepolia transition, the Shapella upgrade is now scheduled for the Goerli testnet. This is expected to be the last testnet upgrade before scheduling Shapella for the Ethereum mainnet. This upgrade follows The Merge

February 28, 2023


Announcing Devcon 7!

by Devcon Team

Last year, after a three-year-long pause, we emerged from the pandemic stronger than before and reunited in Bogotá for the largest and some would say, “best Devcon yet.” Since then, we were frequently asked “wen Devcon 7?” Well, today, we have some news! 😃 🎉

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