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February 3, 2023


Grantee Roundup - Q1 2023
Grantee Roundup - Q1 2023

by Ecosystem Support Program Team

It’s always fun to hear about new grants as they’re awarded, but what happens after the announcement? In this series, we check in on projects that are well underway or already at the finish line. You may have noticed something different—instead of monthly posts, we'll be highlighting grantees who have made significant strides in their projects every quarter instead. Read on to learn about some recent milestones and achievements by grantees!

by Ethereum.org Team

From the explosion of the scaling and layer 2 ecosystems to the first Devcon in three years and The Merge, it has been an exciting year for Ethereum and ethereum.org. We’ve shipped many impactful features and content, with thousands of incredible contributors helping us along the way. Let’s dive into our highlights of 2022:

by EF Protocol Support Team

High fees have made life difficult for travelers through these Dark Forests. The Pools of Mem once clouded, now clarified by the filter of 1559, reveal that they are not deep enough to sustain. Legends tell of a society flourishing under the abundance brought about by DankShard, of giant Roll-Ups subsisting on fields of nourishing Data Blobs, each supporting their own fractal nutrient layers. To summon DankShard, our guides point us to a Ceremony. All members of the Lands of Ether and abroad are encouraged to contribute. Each will add their unique contribution to the collective and in doing so, illuminate the path forward. 🕯

by Ethereum Foundation Team

Friends, As the year of the Merge ends, we wanted to share updates from many of the Ethereum gardeners and EF-supported teams that achieved long sought accomplishments, both big and small, alongside the rest of the ecosystem in 2022. We all have a lot to be thankful for, from the new communities we've come to know, to having each other through it all! As always, this roundup series focuses on EF-supported teams whose members are working to grow and improve Ethereum as a whole. Included in this edition are updates from many teams highlighted in the previous report, and other new and rotating groups. Enjoy!

December 15, 2022


KZG Ceremony Grant Round

by EF Protocol Support Team

The Protocol Support team is organizing a grant round to support the upcoming Ethereum KZG Ceremony. The KZG Ceremony is a coordinated public ritual that will provide a cryptographic foundation for Ethereum scaling initiatives like EIP-4844. Learn more about the Ceremony and participate in the test version at ceremony.ethereum.org. If you'd like funding support to contribute at a deeper level, there are two ways to qualify: writing your own implementation submitting entropy generated by non-traditional sources or through a unique process → APPLY BY JAN 31 or learn more below

December 7, 2022


Allocation Update Q3 2022

by Ecosystem Support Program Team

Before the year comes to a close, we'd like to highlight the amazing projects that received funding in the previous quarter. Read on to learn more about our Q3 grantee lineup! | Category | Project

December 5, 2022


Merge Data Challenge Results

by Rodrigo Vasquez

The Ethereum Foundation is excited to announce the winners of the Merge Data Challenge 🐼. The challenge ran for ~9 weeks surrounding the Merge, allowing for data analysts to gather and review information both before and after the big event. Participants submitted a treasure trove of data and analysis in 45(!) different blog posts. Enjoy combing through the many insights and, as everything is open source, feel free to open things up and extend/modify the analysis!

November 30, 2022


Ropsten Shutdown Announcement

by Protocol Support Team

As previously announced, the Ropsten network has been deprecated and will be shut down in the coming weeks. Over the past few months, infrastructure providers have gradually stopped supporting the network and validator participation rates have been steadily declining. The vast majority of remaining validator nodes will be shut down during the December 15-31, 2022 period. After this, Ropsten will no longer be supported by client, testing or infrastructure teams. As a reminder, the next testnet to be sunset is Rinkeby. The network will be live until mid-2023 to give users and application developers the chance to migrate to either Goerli or Sepolia. That said, Rinkeby does not support The Merge, nor will it support future network upgrades. It is no longer a feature-equivalent replica of the

by Devcon Team

A few weeks ago in October, much of the Ethereum community came together in South America as we reunited for Devcon VI in Bogotá, Colombia! Today we want to say Thank You(!) to every attendee, volunteer, and contributor that made Devcon VI a success. In this blog post, we will recap the highlights of an incredibly fun event, and reminisce about Community Hubs, the Road to Devcon, insightful talks and panels, beautifully designed presenter rooms, and much more. Watch the Recap Video to refresh your memory and enjoy the Devcon VI vibe!

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