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September 20, 2023


Ethereum.org Translatathon Recap
Ethereum.org Translatathon Recap

by Ethereum.org Team

Ethereum.org is an educational website and portal to Ethereum - for many people, it is their first contact with Ethereum, the place where they find their first wallet or dapp to use, and their go-to resource to start learning or level up their knowledge. To best serve this purpose, we have been running the ethereum.org Translation program since July 2019, intending to make the content on the site available to everyone, including over 6 billion non-English speakers. By providing educational content about Ethereum and essential onboarding pages in as many languages as possible, we are making learning about Ethereum and becoming an Ethereum user or developer as easy as possible for everyone, regardless of the languages they speak. The result of this effort has been a steady increase

by Devconnect Team

Greetings, Ethereum builders and enthusiasts! Devconnect Istanbul is just around the corner, with only two months to go! We're here to remind you why we're so excited about this event and to share some important updates and information. Don't forget to secure your Devconnect Cowork ticket here, and if you need more information on what Devconnect is all about, head over to devconnect.org to learn more.

by Péter Szilágyi

Geth v1.13 comes fairly close on the heels of the 1.12 release family, which is funky, considering it's main feature has been in development for a cool 6 years now. 🤯 This post will go into a number of technical and historical details, but if you just want the gist of it, Geth v1.13.0 ships a new database model for storing the Ethereum state, which is both faster than the previous scheme, and also has proper pruning implemented. No more junk accumulating on disk and no more guerilla (offline) pruning! !Geth v1.13.0 Sync Benchmark ¹Excluding ~589GB ancient data, the same across all configurations. ²Hash scheme full sync exceeded our 1.8TB SSD at block ~15.43M. ³Size difference vs snap sync attributed to compaction overhead. Before going ahead though, a

August 29, 2023


Ethereum Execution Layer Specification

August 8, 2023


Devconnect Istanbul Cowork Tickets Are Live!

by Devconnect Team

Greetings, Ethereum builders and enthusiasts! We're thrilled to announce that ticket sales for the Devconnect Cowork in Istanbul are now open! 🥳 You can get your tickets here,and also see that our website got a fresh new makeover! 💅 Come back here right after you snagged your ticket, to learn more about the Devconnect Cowork, planning your trip to Istanbul, and what to expect from the Devconnect schedule.

by Team Next Billion

As we look at our world, it seems that individual humans are increasingly on the edges and in the margins of the big stories that play out on our scrolling screens. The narratives that captivate and resonate with ordinary folks seem to exist at a scale beyond the reach of any one of us -- Those big stories about economies, countries, and companies weave a narrative that can seem dire at times, or too big for an individual human to change in a meaningful way. But this is not the true narrative of the world, nor is it the right way to understand our own potential as humans. Many who read this blog are inclined to believe that the Ethereum protocol will play a

August 2, 2023


KZG Ceremony Special Contributions

by Carl Beekhuizen & Trent Van Epps

The Special Contribution Period for the KZG Ceremony ran 01-16 April 2023. This allowed participants to contribute in ways that may not have been possible in the Open Contribution period. While the Ceremony only needs a single honest participant to provide a secure output, Special Contributions provide additional assurances beyond a standard entropy contribution: computing over the entropy in an isolated environment (eg. on an airgapped machine, wiping and physically destroying hardware) means that it's unlikely for a malicious entity to have extracted the entropy at any point. detailed documentation (explore links below) attached to real reputations are unlikely to all have been coopted or faked by a malicious coordinating entity. The records are available for future observers to explore. different hardware and software

June 29, 2023


Announcing The Road To Devcon Grants

by Devcon Team

Devcon 7 is scheduled for 2024, and while the final location is still TBA, we can say one thing with certainty: Devcon is coming to Southeast Asia! 🌏 We can’t wait for our journey to Devcon 7 in Southeast Asia to begin and are happy to see that the Ethereum communities in SEA have been more active since we announced Devcon 7. It’s great to see communities from Indonesia, Malaysia, Thailand, Singapore, and Vietnam engaged. Today, we are launching the Road to Devcon (RTD) Grants round to support the rise of new Ethereum events, grassroots communities, and educational initiatives across the diverse region. **If you are based in Southeast Asia, enjoy growing communities, developing educational activities, and empowering your region with the opportunities Ethereum offers, we encourage you

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