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Research & Development

Announcements related to research and development of the Ethereum protocol.

June 1, 2023


Ethereum Protocol Fellowship - Fourth Cohort Applications Are Open!
Ethereum Protocol Fellowship - Fourth Cohort Applications Are Open!

by Protocol Support Team

TL;DR: Applications for the fourth cohort of EPF are now open! Submit your application here before June 16th. Greetings, Ethereum community! We are excited to announce that the application period for the fourth cohort of the Ethereum Protocol Fellowship (EPF) is officially open! The EPF is an initiative aimed at supporting the development of Ethereum's core protocol by providing a pathway for aspiring protocol contributors to gain the experience needed to make meaningful contributions. This program is specifically tailored toward developers and researchers who have an unyielding passion for Ethereum, its community, and the possibilities of decentralized technology. In each cohort, we seek to assemble a diverse group of fellows who will work to advance Ethereum's technology during the four month fellowship. This includes everything from the development

May 10, 2023


Ethereum Protocol Fellowship: Third Cohort Recap

by Protocol Support Team

TL;DR: The EPF concluded its third cohort and is preparing for the fourth cohort. Applications will be open soon. Sign up here to get notified when they open. The Ethereum Protocol Fellowship recently completed its third successful cohort in February 2023. Its completion marked 4 months of immersive learning, research and contribution to the Ethereum core ecosystem from a group of talented and dedicated fellows. Before we look into the third cohort, let's recap what Ethereum core development is and how EPF fits into its landscape.

May 3, 2023


Secured #5: Public Vulnerability Disclosures Update

by Fredrik Svantes

Today, we have disclosed the second set of vulnerabilities from the Ethereum Foundation Bug Bounty Program! 🥳 These vulnerabilities were previously discovered and reported directly to the Ethereum Foundation. When bugs are reported and validated, the Ethereum Foundation coordinates disclosures to affected teams and helps cross-check vulnerabilities across all clients. The Bug Bounty Program currently accepts reports for the following client software: Erigon Go Ethereum Lodestar Nethermind Lighthouse Prysm Teku Besu Nimbus In addition to client software, the Bug Bounty Program also covers the Deposit Contract, Execution Layer & Consensus Layer Specifications and Solidity. 🙏

March 28, 2023


Mainnet Shapella Announcement

by Protocol Support Team

Withdrawals are coming! The Shapella network upgrade will activate on the Ethereum network at epoch 194048, scheduled for 22:27:35 UTC on Apr. 12, 2023 Stakers & node operators should read this post as well as the Withdrawals FAQ From now until April 5th, the Ethereum Bug Bounty rewards have been doubled for Shapella vulnerabilities You can now sign up to receive emails for these upgrade announcements. Scroll to the bottom of the page to do so 📩 After a smooth Goerli transition, client teams have scheduled the Shapella upgrade for mainnet activation. Consensus was quickly reached on an April 12th date during the 157th AllCoreDevs Execution Layer meeting. This upgrade follows The Merge and enables validators to withdraw their stake from the Beacon Chain back to

February 10, 2023


Finalized no. 38

by Danny Ryan

Withdrawals are imminent. tl;dr Shanghai+Capella (aka Shapella) is on the horizon. Stakers, node operators, infrastructure providers -- pay attention and test! The Academic Grants Round is live! Applications are due by February 27, 2023

February 7, 2023


Edelweiss Interop Recap

by EF Protocol Support

With The Merge now firmly behind us, protocol developers have been making progress across a (record?) number of areas over the past few months. Withdrawals, danksharding, EOF, verkle tries, history expiry, SSZ and more have all seen significant progress recently! In order to help move each of these threads forward, and to run through one more series of Shapella stress tests, client team members gathered in person for a week-long interop event in Austria: Edelweiss 🏔️ Unlike Amphora, which had a singular focus on The Merge, this event had two major tracks, focused on the Shapella and ProtoDanksharding network upgrades respectively. Several breakout sessions were also held to dive into other open problems. Here is a brief overview of what was accomplished, as well as links to

December 15, 2022


KZG Ceremony Grant Round

by EF Protocol Support Team

The Protocol Support team is organizing a grant round to support the upcoming Ethereum KZG Ceremony. The KZG Ceremony is a coordinated public ritual that will provide a cryptographic foundation for Ethereum scaling initiatives like EIP-4844. Learn more about the Ceremony and participate in the test version at ceremony.ethereum.org. If you'd like funding support to contribute at a deeper level, there are two ways to qualify: writing your own implementation submitting entropy generated by non-traditional sources or through a unique process → APPLY BY JAN 31 or learn more below

September 1, 2022


Ethereum Protocol Fellowship: The Third Cohort

by Protocol Support Team

Do you enjoy solving interesting and challenging problems? Are you interested in getting involved at the most foundational level of the Ethereum protocol? The Protocol Support Team (EF) is excited to announce that applications are now being accepted for the third cohort of the Ethereum Protocol Fellowship (formerly Core Developer Apprenticeship Program (CDAP))! With the Merge closing in (58750000000000000000000 🥳), Ethereum core developers are looking forward to the next steps in the protocol’s development and there is a need for qualified and committed people to help create an increasingly powerful and robust Ethereum network. Enter the Ethereum Protocol Fellowship.

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