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Ethereum Project Update

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Development of the Ethereum project has gone very well over the months since inception.  The core activity — development of the software platform — is on track and many developers around the world are starting to build small, exploratory distributed applications on the platform, even though we are still not yet in alpha release.

The 5th installment of the proof of concept series will be released soon, though many community members download the developing source code, compile it and use it on a regular basis for their various activities.

Other core activities include attention to legalities in different jurisdictions regarding the pre-sale, development and testing of the hot/cold wallet system, and development and testing of the sale web site.  These are well on their way to completion.  Documentation regarding the sale is also nearing completion though there are still some incomplete items in the critical path that makes it difficult for us to set a sale date as yet.

All of these activities are embedded in an ongoing base of support and communications activities.  These have grown extensive due to the global popularity of the project.  Our twitter followers number in excess of 6000.  The number of global meet-ups that focus on Ethereum exclusively or significantly currently numbers 58 groups in 49 different cities, spread over 19 countries.  13,300 people have subscribed to our newsletter.  And the  various discussions on reddit/r/etherum and are active.

This project is agile and fast moving and has benefitted from several leadership reorganizations since inception. It is anticipated that this fluidity will continue as each of us are dedicated remaining lean and agile and to doing what is best for the project at any given time.

Stephan Tual and Taylor Gerring have been on the project and essential to it since the early days.  Though they had significant input already, this has been formalized and they are now part of the leadership group.

The most recent phase of business activity involved strong attention to the legalities of the sale and Charles Hoskinson was ideal to lead that effort.  But that effort is now substantially complete and Charles will be moving on to other activities in the space.

Please stay tuned to this channel as we will continue to release information regarding software development activities and details of the pre-sale for absorption and feedback.


Joseph Lubin


Author Germaine

Posted at 8:21 pm August 27, 2016.

Are you aware of anyone attempting to build a new political organization, party or coalition via a blockchain-based approach, assuming it makes sense to even try? Mr. Lubin’s comments in the Bloomberg Businessweek article on blockchain piqued my interest: “In a weird way I think blockchain unifies a lot of different political ideologies. It could map onto socialism or libertarian.”

My interest is in establishing a pragmatic ideology or intellectual framework based on translating modern cognitive and social science into a less subjective or more “rational” political ideology. The assumption is that politics that’s at least somewhat more rational, i.e., more fact-based and influenced by less biased common sense, would lead in the long run to better, more efficient, sustainable politics and maybe less global conflict and misery.

Thanks for whatever you can offer.

Here’s my current project on Disqus:


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