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Olympic Rewards Announced



Vitalik Buterin


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Olympic Rewards Announced

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ETH DEV would like to thank everyone for their participation in the Olympic test network, which helped us greatly in stress testing, optimization, and finding bugs in the Ethereum clients, as well as determining what the limits of the current Ethereum system are. To that end, we are pleased to announce the Olympic reward recipients. On top of the rewards announced below, every miner who mined a block in the Olympic chain with block number in the range [310000, 589999] is entitled to receive 0.5 ETH per block, and every miner who mined a block in the Olympic chain with block number in the range [590000, 999999] is entitled to receive 0.05 ETH per block.

Top miners for blocks 300000-1000000

To claim these rewards, send a transaction on Olympic from the address that earned the reward to your desired address.

  1. 753f49fb35f0f6f8a7bff0413e376af88f7ff684 (57744 blocks) – 2500 ETH
  2. 891f82ee3e031c5dd85e63b23521b4b9f10c67ff (39526 blocks) – 1250 ETH
  3. 24365bc872e4166081611bb0b5483526742c6616 (39358 blocks) – 625 ETH
  4. 8ef297b17b65ded8142dbdb106818cd09899a8f5 (34142 blocks) – 375 ETH
  5. 027b1495165fec8cfc49bdb8450ded4cbce4b12e (33305 blocks) – 250 ETH

Top senders for blocks 300000-1000000

  1. b4e64290541cbf36159e727dfd8d873f77b42149 (5429042 txs) – 2500 ETH
  2. 00fc572550f3bdfe84f72e3eaa99d02a43f69733 (1912815 txs) – 1250 ETH
  3. 8464ba8c33260c70c9ab03487bee8a0dda35d383 (947176 txs) – 625 ETH
  4. 082d4cdf07f386ffa9258f52a5c49db4ac321ec6 (837307 txs) – 375 ETH
  5. 970f4f9eb29e8831514a3ff9b8eb2bb860d4731c (831275 txs) – 250 ETH

Lowest address at block 848081

Only addresses with nonzero nonce (ie. that sent at least one transaction) were included.

  1. 0000000000912d1d5757aa9df23dd770b0195a45 – 750 ETH
  2. 00000000097cd8a7d004985ab03af70fe77aa8c2 – 500 ETH
  3. 0000000103026f36d9f2ba6468d2816cd5dce83a – 250 ETH


To claim these, please send a transaction in Olympic specifying your new address to send funds to with the account that created the contract. Please place the nonce which the account had when it created the contract in the transaction data (eg. if the nonce is 46, put one byte 0x2e as the data).

Most storage keys at block 848081:

  1. 332b656504f4eabb44c8617a42af37461a34e9dc (1727960 slots) – 2500 ETH
  2. f558470e1ed9e33f2ebf994938722d7f287221f2 (685670 slots) – 1250 ETH
  3. 728d902f5b805a3f49707f36957d876dd6d40e53 (657813 slots) – 625 ETH
  4. 2ea6a457c468ed38b222a2c504a674905b5fcb7e (607504 slots) – 375 ETH
  5. b56e8f043e529bca0344a96cbec8b00bc85c7ca6 (135250 slots) – 250 ETH

Contract with highest nonce at block 848081:

  1. e35e196a53cabeb4eb4cdd66467427a798d8c24f (4823) – 750 ETH
  2. 3673cb526c8505002e7ba558140b0c4d60009ac9 (2907) – 500 ETH
  3. 66314103c204504486b6ce587109853f4e99e29b (385) – 250 ETH

Manually issued rewards for all-around good behavior:

PhiStr90 – 3500 ETH
Samuel Lavery – 1750 ETH
Dino Mark – 1250 ETH
Kobi Gurk – 500 ETH

A file containing the amount of ETH to be received by each miner can be found here: To claim these rewards, follow the same process as for top miner/sender rewards described above.


Vitalik Buterin


Author Alexandre Naverniouk

Posted at 8:32 pm August 26, 2015.

Olympic blockchain is impossible to sync. Please, let me do the transaction on real network. All you need is the prove of me controlling the wallet. Why not in real blockchain?


    Author Joshua Pritikin

    Posted at 10:33 pm August 29, 2015.

    It’s not impossible. I managed to complete the whole process in a week.


Author Daneo

Posted at 10:04 pm August 26, 2015.

come on, we have mined with 6 different addresses (never heard of block quantity competition) 🙂 we did 44k blocks in total – any chance to get 2nd 2nd place? 🙂


Author Alex SkY912

Posted at 8:23 am August 27, 2015.

Pools is the centralization and intermediaries!
Where decentralization?


Author Follow the Cycles

Posted at 8:32 pm August 27, 2015.

Bad block #1 (110bd75c06cba8fc7384b44cea4c122de0883d3ec5816e72d8a922f6b2282caa)

There must be a better way than for all of us to try to re-sync the old Olympic blockchain. This is becoming an impossible task.


Author jeffanthony

Posted at 1:13 am August 30, 2015.

I didn’t realize it was switched to 0.05 per block before I started mining. That text file is in wei right? Its not even worth it for me to get the olympic chain up for me to get the 2 ethers. 🙁


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