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An Open Source Mining Pool Bounty and DEVgrant



Wendell Davis


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An Open Source Mining Pool Bounty and DEVgrant

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Ethereum’s present reliance on Proof of Work (PoW) mining is not ideal, and while we continue to work with gusto towards a Proof of Stake solution (PoS), we have to live with PoW as gracefully as possible (at least until the eventual switch!). Meanwhile, in the interest of overall network health, mining decentralization and diversity is a clear imperative:

Mining Pool Diversity

Mining Pool Diversity from March 28 via

Though there are some instances of open source Ethereum pool mining software available, the uptake has been low, and there appears to be a large efficiency gap between proprietary and available open source pool software.

We propose to change that.

As of today, the Ethereum Foundation is offering a bounty to a developer or team who wishes to begin this project, based on the “performance” of the end result:

100 ETH per % hashpower that adopts the software, up to a maximum of 8% per independently controlled pool or 33% total, whichever is lesser. (eg. pools A,B,C with 6% each -> 1800 ETH, pool A with 25% + pool B with 5% -> 1300 ETH, pools A,B,C,D,E with 7% each -> 3300 ETH)

To support development in the meantime, DEVgrants will add an additional $10,000 grant, once the project is underway.

We are open to a variety of approaches, so long as the end result provides an easy-to-setup mining pool under a permissible source license that offers similar returns to existing ethereum mining pools (dwarfpool, ethermine, etc). We will award the bounty to the project that we find the most interesting and viable.

For applicants who don’t shy away from the heat of public debate, please leave a 1-2 paragraph proposal in this reddit thread. Vitalik and others will review the content and discuss its merits publicly. If, on the other hand, you wish to make your proposal in private, you may email Please note however that your project will be publicly disclosed (and inevitably discussed ad nauseum) in due course.

We welcome everyone to put their heads together on solving this issue, seeing it as yet another opportunity for the awesome Ethereum community to rise to the occasion!


Wendell Davis

  • hey guys. why dont you give ppl an app that they can run when they are not using the CPU – so an average user can turn in on/off – smth similar 2 seti [ ]… and of course a share of the pie based on the contribution

    • Simon Janin

      Interesting idea.
      Frankly said, though, we probably don’t need more miners; it’s more about having the already present miners mine in a decentralized fashion — which this grant is all about.
      Faster contracts execution times and better network bandwidth are more useful to Ethereum than any new miners.

  • Simon Janin

    Awesome news! Thank you for your efforts guys!

  • Bob McElrath

    Glad to see this, and I think attacking mining centralization is a better plan than PoS. There are various schemes to prevent mining outsourcing that would go a long way. Also the model of p2pool should be seriously considered, and hopefully integrated with Ethereum itself, rather than being an external “pool”.

  • Shanny Fournier

    I also think my team will focus on POW as a community the chance to gather wealth and participating in an collective effort to solves this issue. Also marketing strategies should be mounted to focus on new miners & educate them. We will put our efforts on it!!

  • Crypto Rush

    I suggest to specify what license is preferred, my implementation is my own and I don’t have to reach consensus with anyone, so I can publish it under any license eth devs prefer. But not under MIT/BSD. Not against it, but not for this kind of competitive quest.

  • Wallison Alves

    Esta semdo iniciado um profeto de uma pool brasileira!

  • Niklas Nikolajsen

    Bitcoin Suisse AG is running an Ether Mine, and will also setup and operate an Ether Mining Pool some weeks from now:

    Our pool software will be (once well tested and free of bugs) released as open source. This will hopefully help working against the current decentralization of the Ethereum network hash-rate.

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