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An Update on Devcon4 Ticket Allocations & Sales

Posted by Deva the Devcon Unicorn on July 17, 2018

An Update on Devcon4 Ticket Allocations & Sales


It has been an exciting week! We initiated our first wave of ticket sales and sold out in just 18 minutes! Don’t worry though, there will be more ticketing waves in addition to a variety of discounts and scholarships that you can still apply for. Transparency and clear communication are things the Devcon team strives for so we wanted to share some of our thinking behind Devcon4 ticket allocations and sales in hopes of answering the questions and addressing the feedback we’ve received from the community.

Ticket Distribution and Revenue Allocation

First up: Over two thirds of Devcon4 tickets are either discounted or free, and geared toward builders and students among other groups. The remaining third of tickets are being sold through a series of “waves” at the same rate per ticket as the previous two Devcon events – this covers the cost of the conference and operations at the Ethereum Foundation. This in turn lets us use our financial resources to give back to the community through funding core development and providing ecosystem grants. Additionally, revenue from the sponsorships of community leaders enables us to sell the majority of tickets at discounted prices as well as offer scholarships.


Waves are the way for anyone to purchase a general admission ticket. We are spacing out the timing of the waves so that we can apply the lessons we learn into future waves (for example, we learned of a bug delaying e-ticket receipts from being sent to people who paid with cryptocurrency during the first wave!)

Supporting Builders

We want to make it as easy as possible for the people building decentralized applications and Ethereum protocols to attend Devcon4. While the majority of the programming & content will be deeply technical, we invite independent builders or builders working in small organizations of all kinds to apply for builder discounts: developers, designers, researchers, community organizers, and even artists. Without you all, what would Ethereum even be?

Diversity and Inclusion

In order for the Ethereum community to make a positive social impact, the people who are building this ecosystem must reflect the beautiful diversity of the human experience. We’re offering scholarships to ensure that Devcon grows more diverse, accessible and equitable than ever before. Apply for a scholarship if you need extra financial support to make it to Devcon4 and

  • are from a developing country
  • identify with an underrepresented population (race, gender, sexuality etc...) within the Ethereum ecosystem
  • are from an academic and/or research institution

We’re hard at work reviewing and responding to all 1,000 applications for discounts & scholarships that we’ve received so far. Keep them coming.

Coming Soon!

You’ll hear more from us soon about upcoming dates for future waves, as well as speaker & session applications.

Hopefully that helps shed light on how we’re handling tickets for Devcon4. Finally, we’re always open to your ideas and feedback to make this process better.

--dc⟠ıv team

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