When we asked many of you, “What are you most excited for at Devcon4?” most people replied: the people! This is the one time a year we all get together in one place. We don’t want to spend all of our time at Devcon sitting in a dark room, staring in silence at a person on a stage – we want to see, meet and talk with each other.

In that spirit, we’re designing the programming and environment of Devcon4 to provide the time and space for all of us to make new connections – between people and ideas. This is a chance for us to ask each other the most important questions and dive deep into the toughest challenges (and exciting opportunities!) facing Ethereum today.

So we’re going to experiment with more participatory programming at Devcon4 this year!

Here are three ways you can apply to participate in Devcon4:

When you apply, we ask that you connect your session to one of six core themes:

If you want to talk about your specific dapp or protocol, please do so in the context of one of these shared topics. How have you identified or solved a common problem? How can your work benefit the rest of our community?

With ~3000 participants and only so much time, we expect applications for participation to be highly competitive this year. Please buy your tickets ahead of time in the chance that your submission isn’t accepted so that you don’t miss out on getting a ticket to Devcon4! We will process a refund for anyone who purchases a ticket and then qualifies for a complimentary pass.

Please help us create a Devcon4 experience in the spirit of these values:

Visit https://devcon4.ethereum.org/call-for-participation to learn more and apply!

–dc⟠ıv team