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Announcing Our dc⟠ıv Sponsors and Supporters!

Posted by Deva the Devcon Unicorn on October 18, 2018

Announcing Our dc⟠ıv Sponsors and Supporters!


Today, we're excited to unveil our Devcon4 Sponsors. Each of this year's six tiers of sponsorship is supporting the Foundation's work in significant and impactful ways. We're thrilled to involve many major and growing teams in Devcon, and to make the most of this opportunity to support the Foundation's core mission. To this end, we're proud to first announce this year's premier Devcon supporters:


SERENITY: AdEx, BlockAsset Ventures, Blockchains LLC, Blockfolio, Colony, ConsenSys, OmiseGO, Sparkpool, and Status

METROPOLIS: Celer Network, Kyber Network, imToken, Santiment, and ShapeShift

HOMESTEAD: Ernst & Young, FunFair, Golem, Microsoft, MyEtherWallet, SingularDTV, and Wanxiang Blockchain Labs

FRONTIER: Cosmos, DEx.top, Energy Web Foundation, Ethereum Community Fund, Global Brain, MakerDAO, Harbor, iEx.ec, Indorse, NuCypher, Santander, Totle, windingtree, and Zeppelin

Further, this year we're also welcoming a new support tier called Scholarship and Grant Supporters. There is a lot to be done in this new industry to realize the technology's potential, and part of our support must be to not only fund existing teams with real needs, but to help bring new talent into the space. To this end, we're hard at work on academic support programs for students who are on their way to becoming experienced developers once they're out of the classroom. The Ethereum Foundation's Grant Program has also significantly increased support to growing teams this year, having now issued over 20 million dollars in grants to date in 2018 alone. The support from the following organizations directly benefits these efforts, and so we'd like to give a special thanks and a welcome to Devcon's first Scholarship and Grant Supporters!


SCHOLARSHIP & GRANT: Crypto.com, Mainframe, ORBS, Paradigm Capital, Quorum, Rockaway Capital, and Starbase

Finally, our Community Sponsorship program has helped us to provide an affordable avenue to bring smaller dApp teams, non-profit organizations, and some well known faces to Devcon. We understand that often times the most incredible impact can come from those with limited resources. To that end, please meet Devcon's 2018 class of Olympic Community Sponsors!


OLYMPIC: Aventus, Asseth, b9lab, Bee Token, blk.io, Chronologic, CoinFabrik, Cryptium Labs, Enterprise Ethereum Alliance, Eth.events, Etherisc, Festy, Fluence Labs, Giveth, JOYSO, Melonport, Midas Social, Multichain Asset Managers Association, Nanome.ai, Next Big Thing, PegaSys, Propy Inc., Rtrade Technologies, Runtime Verification, Trustlines Network, Wolk, Zinc.

Join us in thanking each of these incredible organizations for their dedication to the Ethereum community!

dciv team

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