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Beginning a new ethereum.org

Built by the community, for the community

Posted by Ethereum.org Team on April 30, 2019

Beginning a new ethereum.org

Hello, world!

Welcome to the new ethereum.org.

This is the beginning of the ethereum.org relaunch, not the end. As explained in more detail below, the new website is intentionally a work in progress. It’s launching as an experiment, intended to grow and iterate in public as it is improved by the community — just like Ethereum.

Three core principles

As we’ve progressed towards a re-launch of ethereum.org, we’ve been guided by three core principles:

1. Ethereum.org is a portal to community-built resources

One of Ethereum’s greatest strengths is its massive decentralized community. Over the past few years, the community has stepped up to create invaluable resources: documentation, wikis, newsletters, tutorials, discussion forums, and more.

Ethereum.org’s purpose is to be a portal to those resources, not a substitute for them. Ethereum.org will prioritize linking to content created by the community, as opposed to hosting native content on every topic. Through community contributions, the website will evolve over time to always surface the best relevant material about Ethereum.

2. Built in the open, with the community’s help

Ethereum.org is re-launching as an MVP, and the design intentionally evokes a simple blank slate. We want your help to update and improve it over time - check out the contributors guide or list of open issues if you want to get started.

Right now, there are just four subpages, (Beginners, Use, Learn, and Build) but we anticipate adding new ones over time. We also expect to solicit submissions from the community for re-designs of whole subpages - stay tuned for details about how to get involved.

The dominant feature of the landing page is a large “HERO” style image, and the current one is only temporary. We plan to change it regularly as we receive submissions from the community, rotating the art over time. If you’re interested in submitting a new HERO image design, reach out to us at website@ethereum.org.

Want to learn more? Head to Github and read the contributors guide.

3. Not your typical product website

Ethereum is the largest open-source blockchain community in the world. Development of core technology is distributed across many different organizations, and the network is used live in production to secure billions of dollars worth of digital assets and other valuable state. Ethereum is the most technically mature and most widely-used programmable blockchain in the world.

Ethereum is different, and ethereum.org should be different too. It won’t ever be a typical product website, because it isn’t trying to sell you something. This is a website for a community that is busy getting things done: on-boarding new developers and users, educating ourselves and each other, and building.

Thank you!

If you’ve been around Ethereum for a while, you know that ethereum.org has long been in need of an update.

But that delay has had a silver lining: the Ethereum community took on the responsibility of creating and maintaining documentation, community learning resources and educational material — all while on-boarding new users and developers. If you played any part in those efforts over the years: thank you.

We hope that the re-launch of ethereum.org as an open-source portal to the community will continue that important trend. Ultimately, there’s no better way to represent Ethereum to the world than by maintaining that spirit of decentralization and independence.

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