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On Wave 1 and Devcon Ticketing

Posted by Devcon Team on July 15, 2019

On Wave 1 and Devcon Ticketing

By now, we hope you've heard the news: In just two days, on July 17, 2019, the first wave of general Devcon tickets will go online at 6:00am PT / 9:00am ET / 3:00pm CEST / 10:00pm JST.

Today, we wanted to bring everyone a few details on the ticketing process in advance of Wednesday's launch.

As always, we're working to ensure everyone has a fair chance to attend Devcon, so ticket purchases are limited to 2 per order, and passes cannot be bulk-reserved. Further, we've maintained our limit of 20 tickets per organization to help as many teams as possible join us in Osaka.

Waves have been a bit of a rush in the past, but we've made changes to work toward a smoother process. We're working through scholarship, builder, speaker, sponsor, and student applications early so that only those that need to purchase general admission tickets will participate in the public waves. Further, there will be more ticketing waves to come following this week's release.

We're also really excited to have made the move to an open source ticketing platform this year. We've had to put in some work to get it ready for the volume of tickets we sell and the particularities of Devcon, but we think it has really paid off. Not only is it more in line with our values to use this libre platform along with community-developed plugins, but we've also been able to add some fun customizations including a BYOB (bring your own badge) option and the ability to opt-in to swag. Swag opt-in will both guarantee you'll the get the items you're most excited about, and allow us to cut down on waste by not overproducing.

Finally, we wanted to re-share and updated bit of relevant information from last year's blog on how our decisions are made to help create a welcoming and transparent process.

Ticket Distribution and Revenue Allocation

First up: More than two thirds of Devcon tickets are (still) either discounted or free, and geared toward builders and students among other groups. The remaining tickets are sold through a series of "waves" at about the same rate per ticket as the previous three Devcon events (a few € cheaper this year) -- this covers the cost of the conference and any profits go towards operations at the Ethereum Foundation. This in turn lets us use our financial resources to give back to the community through funding core development and providing ecosystem grants. Additionally, scholarships and sponsorships from community leaders enable us to bring participants to Osaka who would otherwise be unable to attend, and to release the majority of tickets at discounted prices.


Waves are the way for anyone to purchase a general admission ticket. We are spacing out the timing of the waves so that we can apply the lessons we learn into future waves (i.e. fixing bugs, addressing up-time issues).

Coming Soon!

Soon after the completion of this week's wave, stay tuned for more from us about the next ticket releases, as well as the first news on speakers and the timing of the final window for talk submissions.

Finally, we're always open to your ideas and feedback to make this process better.

To stay tuned for future Devcon updates, follow Deva the Devcon Unicorn (@EFDevcon) or keep posted to the Ethereum Foundation Blog here.


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