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Development Update #1 - Ethereum.org

Posted by Ethereum.org Team on November 12, 2019

Development Update #1 - Ethereum.org

⭐ Introducing Ethereum Studio

Today we’re excited to release v 1.0 of Ethereum Studio: a simple web-based IDE, which lives right on ethereum.org

Ethereum Studio

One of the most consistent suggestions we’ve received for Ethereum.org is to improve the developer experience. While the site pointed users to extensive third-party resources, it lacked a compelling path that would pull a developer towards immediately trying out Ethereum.

Ethereum Studio’s purpose is to let developers get started building on Ethereum within minutes, with as little friction as possible. Studio lets users:

  • Write and test smart contracts in the browser
  • Connect smart contracts to a front-end web app
  • Bootstrap their app with 3 template tutorials
  • Share your project in a single click

Along with the Studio itself, we’ve added a new Getting Started page to the Developer section. This is a more beginner friendly landing page for developers, which introduces the Studio and provides links to other web-based learning experiences.

The goal of Studio isn’t to replace or compete with the extensive web-based learning experiences already available for Ethereum. Instead, we want Studio to be an easy first-step to engage a developer and get them hooked before directing them to other resources, tools, or events to continue their journey into Ethereum.

To build Ethereum Studio, we collaborated with Superblocks. We can’t thank the Superblocks team enough for the hard work they’ve put into this tool. We also want to thank many others who made this project possible: Andreas Wallendahl, Chris Ward, Robbie Bent, Martin Tellechea, and the many people who provided feedback and suggestions.

Ethereum Studio is open-source, and all of the code is available here. We’ll be continuing to improve the Studio over time, and already have many improvements planned for v 1.1. If you want to get involved, learn how to contribute here! If you just want to provide feedback, please fill out this short survey.

🦄 Persona reorganization

Persona Reorgnization

Over the last few months, we’ve been trying to better understand the user personas of Ethereum.org. This means analyzing keyword search volume, looking at site traffic, considering the user personas used by comparable websites, and talking to our users.

This process has lead us to simplify the top-level organization of Ethereum.org, to be organized around three core personas:

  • Individuals: individual ETH holders, users, and community members
  • Developers: developers, or anyone with a technical interest in Ethereum
  • Enterprise: enterprises, businesses, and other organizations who want to understand how Ethereum can benefit them.

This simple organization captures nearly all of the user journeys we considered in our research. For now, this is simply a re-organization of existing content, but gives us a simple foundation to expand the site over time.

In the next few weeks, we’ll also be publishing our research that lead us to this re-organization, in the hopes that it is useful to the community, and that others can point out ways we can improve.

🛠 Bounties for ethereum.org development

Bounties on Gitcoin

Two weeks ago, we put up 10 bounties on Gitcoin to see if we could use the community’s help to speed development of the website. So far, it’s been a huge success - we received submissions for every bounty, and the majority of these changes have already been integrated into the site. Thank you to everyone who submitted work!

Expect to see more bounties for Ethereum.org in the future - keep an eye on the @ethdotorg twitter account, where we’ll post them when they go up.

🎯 What's next?

Here's a preview of our priorities for the next few weeks:

  • 🎨 Site-wide design improvements & tweaks, introduction of a consistent design system used for new pages
  • 👨‍👩‍👦‍👦 New resources to introduce people to the Ethereum community
  • 🔍 Sharing our persona-research
  • 🗣️ Translating 3rd-party resources
  • ✨ Much more!

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