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Introducing the Devcon Archive (and an event update)

Posted by Devcon Team on March 30, 2020

Introducing the Devcon Archive (and an event update)


Out of respect for those within our own community and around us currently facing the ongoing global health crisis, our team has decided to temporarily hold scheduled Devcon announcements, first teased in our last post. In the meantime we wanted to share something else that we’ve been working on, which was intended for release alongside this year's other material.

Meet the Devcon Archive

Beginning today, everyone can dive into presentations from all past Devcon events through the Devcon Archive, which will live as a permanent element of Devcon.org.

With the Archive, we've started by gathering videos of keynotes, workshops, and other experiences all into playlists that are available in one place, with details of past events and media dating back to 2014’s "ÐΞVcon-0" in Berlin.

This is just the start for the Archive, and in the near future we plan to add new features like photo albums from each year, graphics and art, complete presenter and supporter lists, and more. So whether you’ve been fortunate enough to attend a Devcon in the past, or you haven’t had the chance just yet, we envision the Devcon Archive as a way for everyone to learn, explore and to relive the experience whether or not they were physically present.

While our other planned announcements will follow, we appreciate your continued patience until things have settled and the timing is a bit more appropriate given the challenges now facing so many, including those in our own community. We hope that this content helps to pass the time until our next update, and from our team to you and yours, please stay safe and be well!

-- devcon team

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