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eth2 quick update no. 19

Posted by Danny Ryan on November 4, 2020

eth2 quick update no. 19
Contract deployment
Genesis deposits
Bootstrap consensus


v1.0 specs released πŸš€

v1.0 spec release

Today, we released v1.0 of the eth2 specs, including the mainnet deposit contract address -- 0x00000000219ab540356cBB839Cbe05303d7705Fa. eth2 will have a MIN_GENESIS_TIME of 1606824000 (or for those of you who don’t think in unix time -- December 1, 2020, 12pm UTC).

To trigger genesis at this time, there must be at least 16384 32-ETH validator deposits 7 days prior to December 1. If not, genesis will be triggered 7 days after this threshold has been met (whenever that may be). For a more detailed discussion of how genesis is kicked off, see Ben Edgington's genesis writeup.

As an additional utility, our friends at ENS configured depositcontract.eth to resolve to0x00000000219ab540356cBB839Cbe05303d7705Fa, renewed the domain until 2150, and burned the ownership.

The mainnet Launch Pad is up. If you are using the deposit CLI to generate your deposits, the commit hash for v1.0.0 is 9310de0ff3e1154c718a260ce3e5c71e9f187133.

Check, double-check, triple-check the deposit contract address before sending any funds anywhere πŸš€

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