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eth2 quick update no. 20

Posted by Danny Ryan on November 13, 2020

eth2 quick update no. 20


Staking community grants

This week the EF announced the Eth2 Staking Community Grants round in an effort to support a more delightful staking experience.

This is an open call for proposals for grants that aim to enhance all things staking -- tools, documentation, educational resources, etc.

Check it out for more details including a non-exhaustive wishlist.

Proposals are due by December 22nd!

v1.0 eth2 testnets -- Toledo and Pyrmont

This week, client developers led by protolambda launched the Toledo devnet -- a 16k validator testnet with v1.0 mainnet configuration. Although you can sync up your favorite node to this testnet, you cannot make any validator deposits due to the use of a modified, permissioned deposit contract. Toledo is for initial v1.0 testing and continued developer experimentation.

Next week, we aim to launch Pyrmont -- a 100k validator testnet mimicking mainnet conditions as closely as possible. Once Pyrmont is launched and stable, the testnet will be opened up to the community. Pyrmont can serve as a final place to test mainnet software releases and hardware setups in the run-up to mainnet launch.

Because Pyrmont uses mainnet configuration, it is subject to the same (slow) activation queue mechanics you might experience on mainnet. Please be a good citizen and only make one or two validator deposits. This will keep the queue times reasonable in the next few weeks and allow for a productive testbed for all users.

Pyrmont will be supported at least through eth2 mainnet genesis. From there, we will consider the options available to construct a long-term testnet with better stability and UX properties. This would likely include faster queue processing and a much higher minimum ejection balance.

But until then, enjoy Pyrmont!

Mainnet deposits

In case you didn't catch it last week, the eth2 mainnet deposit contract is live along with the mainnet Launch Pad. The mainnet deposit contract lives at the following address -- 0x00000000219ab540356cBB839Cbe05303d7705Fa. Please triple-check this address before sending any funds anywhere.

A quick reminder -- although the MIN_GENESIS_TIME is December 1st, 12pm UTC, there is a 7-day GENESIS_DELAY. This means that to ensure you get your deposits included in the genesis block, you must get them on-chain before November 24, 12pm UTC.

For a more detailed discussion of how genesis is kicked off, see Ben Edgington's genesis writeup.

Happy staking šŸš€

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