Minimum ETH threshold hit 🎉; genesis on December 1st, 12pm UTC Get your nodes running! and monitor updates through genesis 👀

Eth2 genesis, December 1st. Get ready!

This week, the deposit contract hit the minimum threshold of 16384 32-ETH validator deposits, kicking genesis into motion. Genesis time is 1606824023 – that is, December 1, 2020, 12:00:23pm UTC.

If you made genesis deposits, please make sure you’re an active participant this week.

Set up your node 🖥

It’s time to configure your node. Sync your eth1 client (start now! this can take some time), set up your favorite eth2 client, and load up your validators.

Check out the Launch Pad’s Eth2 Staker Checklist for the minimum steps you should perform before genesis.

Monitor updates through genesis 👀

Although all eth2 clients have cut mainnet v1.0 releases, keep your eye on any developments through genesis. In the event that your eth2 client cuts a release 24 hours before genesis, it’s likely for a very good reason and you should be on top of it.

Join your client’s discord, and if they have a mailing list, sign up!

In addition to the client-specific resources, I highly recommend joining the ethstaker discord. It’s a great place to ask questions and share information, and I expect it to be very active through genesis. If there is something you need to know, it will very likely surface there.

Thank you and congratulations

I wanted to offer another huge thank you and congratulations to everyone who has helped make this a reality. I couldn’t be more excited to see the Ethereum community finally bootstrap this new proof-of-stake consensus mechanism.

Although there is still much work to do, it’s a good time to take a deep breath and smile.

Happy staking 🚀

eth2 更新速览 vol.21

作者:Danny Ryan 日期:2020.11.27

eth2 创世所需的 ETH 最低数量现已达成,创世块已确认将于 12 月 1 日午间 12 点(UTC 时间)启动。快来运行节点,参与创世事业,随时掌握 eth2 的最新动态!

12 月 1 日,eth2 创世已经就绪

本周,保证金合约的以太币数量达到了运行 eth2 的最低要求(即至少需要16384位验证者签订保证金合约,每份合约质押 32 个 ETH),eth2 创世正式启动!创世时间为1606824023,即 UTC 时间 2020 年 12 月 1 日中午 12:00:23。



现在您可以开始配置您的节点了。同步您在 eth1 客户端的数据(鉴于该过程比较耗时,请尽快开始!),然后任意选择一个 eth2 客户端加载运行验证程序。

请查阅启动平台提供的eth2 质押者清单,了解参与创世之前您应该完成的基本步骤。


尽管所有 eth2 客户端已经削减了 eth1 主网的发行量,但鉴于 eth2 客户端在创世开始前的 24 小时内可能削减发行量,也请您密切关注 eth2 创世的进展。

根据您所使用的客户端,加入对应的 discord 聊天室,若该客户端有邮件列表,记得注册!

衷心感谢 热烈祝贺

再次感谢 eth2 的每一位参与者,也向大家表示祝贺。能够在大家的帮助下,见证以太坊社区的迭代更新,最终启用全新的权益证明共识机制,我们感到十分兴奋。