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eth2 quick update no. 22

Posted by Danny Ryan on February 11, 2021

eth2 quick update no. 22


  • Successful R&D workshop on future beacon chain upgrades
  • Staking community grants announced
  • Quick plug for my State of Eth2, Jan 2021 post

Eth2 Workshop: Eth1+Eth2 Merge and Sharding

Last week, the EF eth2 research team hosted an online workshop focused on the two major upgrades slated for the beacon chain -- the eth1+eth2 merge and sharding.

Client devs -- both eth1 and eth2 -- and researchers from across the stack joined to listen for a dynamic set of presentations, Q&A, and discussions. This session -- including talks by Dankrad, Vitalik, Mikhail, and Guillaume -- was all live streamed and is available for your consumption!

Staking community grants announcement

Just a quick plug for all the grants announced this week for the Staking Communty Grants round. This was a huge success that featured many great projects!

I'm very excited to watch the Ethereum staking ecosystem continue to blossom šŸŒø.

State of Eth2, Jan 2021

I wrote a big post about the eth2 project stands at the start of 2021 (from my perspective).

It's still relevant. Check it out here šŸš€

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