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Building Together: Execution-Layer Client Ecosystem Fundraise

Posted by Ethereum Foundation Team on August 24, 2021

Building Together: Execution-Layer Client Ecosystem Fundraise

Ethereum’s diverse client ecosystem is at the foundation of all that we’re building together. This includes both execution-layer and consensus-layer clients, both of which are essential parts of Ethereum's post-merge future.

Supporting execution-layer (formerly “Eth1”) clients remains one of the Ethereum Foundation’s highest priorities. These client teams have supported Ethereum’s growth over the past several years, and they will continue to provide critical infrastructure for the network post-merge, as Ethereum transitions to a Proof of Stake consensus system. Since January 2020, the EF has spent more than $10M on execution-layer client R&D. Our steadfast support will continue as these teams adapt and scale along with the broader community.

At the same time, we believe it is healthy for Ethereum clients to receive funding and support from a broader range of community stakeholders, reflecting the growth and diversification of the ecosystem.

Collaborative efforts, and specifically those dedicated to supporting teams and builders that maintain a diverse set of Ethereum clients, are a lasting and impactful way to benefit Ethereum in the long-term.

Building together

Today, we're excited to announce that Compound Grants, Kraken, Lido, Synthetix, The Graph and Uniswap Grants are donating $250K each to support Ethereum execution-layer client teams. This project is the result of several months of work, and will supplement the significant funding provided by the Ethereum Foundation this year. This fundraise will have no impact on the EFs continued financial support for these teams.

The support of capable and leading entities from across industries will strengthen and further the innovations taking place on Ethereum.

This project represents an effort to secure Ethereum’s long-term growth, health and decentralization. Each of these elements can be exemplified by client diversity, strength of the teams themselves, and our confidence that Ethereum will continue to succeed as they succeed.

Why begin with this approach?

Part of our goal with this first round is to lessen risks that come from reliance on any single team or entity as we all work to maintain quality open source products in a diverse, decentralized, and sustainable way.

We continue to work towards more decentralized funding mechanisms for Ethereum’s public goods, and this is one more step that enables larger groups of participants to directly support client development and maintenance.


With this goal of client diversity and the network’s success at heart, we are proud to announce the recipients of this round: Besu, Erigon, Geth, Nethermind, and Nimbus.

As a public good, Ethereum benefits from shared responsibility. This is true in terms of client diversity and the depth and width of the ecosystem’s ability to support itself.

Ethereum is a project with the potential to change and improve the very core of human, social and market interactions on a global scale. With groundbreaking applications and innovation on the network and ever-increasing adoption, the Ethereum community is pushing the boundaries of what’s technically and technologically feasible with each new day. We’re excited to take this next step to continue that growth, and ask that you join us in our effort to strengthen Ethereum by guaranteeing that Ethereum remains a diverse and sustainable project, and one that is maintained by many for a long time to come. 🚀

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