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Finalized no. 35

the Ethereum consensus-layer

Posted by Danny Ryan on May 19, 2022

Finalized no. 35


  • ETHStaker/clr.fund Ethereum Staking CLR in progress! Don't wait, 5 days left to contribute
  • Data Availability Sampling is a hard but critical problem. Submit a proposal to the DAS RFP to get involved: $1.5M in funding available!

ETHStaker/clr.fund Ethereum Staking CLR

ETHStaker and clr.fund are running a CLR funding round to help boost important projects for the Ethereum staking ecosystem. That is -- projects that help make staking on Ethereum more accessible, safe, decentralized, and generally a pleasant experience.

This funding round utilizes Constrained Liberal Radicalism, often referred to as Quadratic Funding (QF), to allocate a large pool of funds (more than $350k!) to relevant projects. QF ensures the amount of funds matched to a project is not just a function of dollars allocated, but also the number of unique individuals that allocate to a given project. This means that you can make a significant impact through participating with even just one DAI!

Excitingly, this round is run on top of Arbitrum -- a scalable optimism roll-up -- reducing fees for users as we move toward an L2-centric Ethereum. And, this round utilizes MACI to avoid collusion and vote buying -- a critical technology in the path to move more high-valu coordination mechanisms on-chain.

Contributions to the Ethereum Staking CLR are open for another 5 days (May 23rd). Don't wait! Hop into Arbitrum, fund your favorite projects with a bit of DAI, and make an impact today.

Data Availability Samping RFP

Safe and efficient Data Availability Sampling (DAS) is critical to Ethereum's scalable end-game. There is much progress being made on step-wise scale through proposals such as EIP 4844, but to reach Ethereum's full potential, DAS must be further explored and refined.

The EF released a Data Availability Sampling Networking RFP with $1.5M in earmarked funding to welcome more teams and individuals into this exciting R&D area. There is much to do here ranging from formal analysis, efficient design, attack mitigations, network load tests, and more. If interested but new to DAS, please check out the RFP details and don't hesitate to send questions to rfp@ethereum.org.

Proposals are due July 1, 2022. Join us in building the future of Ethereum šŸš€

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