Three weeks ago, we opened the speaker and volunteer applications as well as the discount builder and student tickets, and we are excited about the quality of submissions!

This year, we’ve opened applications for those looking to attend Devcon with Builder and Student discounts, as Speakers, Supporters, Volunteers or as Press. But what about improvements for General Attendance passes? Today we want to announce the Auction & Raffle - A new method for ticket distribution and a way for you to save a Devcon ticket ahead of the regular ticket sale.

Apply NOW to Speak at Devcon!

Today we are extending the deadline for speaker applications by one week. If you have not had a chance to submit an application to speak and would like to, head to the application form here. The new deadline to submit is July 5, 23:59:59 UTC.

Applicants will hear back on the status of their application before the end of July. You can find more info on the review process and criteria here.

The First Tickets to Devcon VI: Meet the Devcon Auction & Raffle

Ticket distribution is always a challenge when demand exceeds supply, and we’ve spent time thinking about new ways to give more opportunities to those looking to attend Devcon VI.

This year, we will be holding a pre-sale Auction & Raffle for the first Devcon VI tickets, with the help of the amazing TrueFi dev team.

In past years, Devcon ticket waves, scheduled over different days and times, were aimed at targeting a more diverse population than one simple sale. Still, there are advantages for those who are in the right timezones, or even geographically located closer to our physical ticketing servers. In general, our goal is to distribute tickets in as many ways as we can, and without asking most attendees to wait and refresh a website at a certain time (whenever possible).

How will the Auction work?

Both the Auction & Raffle will take place on Arbitrum, a layer 2 rollup that settles on Ethereum’s mainnet. We advise bridging funds to Arbitrum ahead of time if you wish to participate, and ETH will be the only accepted form of payment.

The Ticket Auction will look similar to a traditional auction: Participants can submit bids and the 20 highest bidders will each receive a ticket to Devcon VI, in exchange for their bid amount. The minimum bid required to participate in the Auction will be 0.25 ETH (a significant discount below the price of a General Admission ticket).

And best of all, proceeds will be donated to public goods! Oh, and everybody who participates in the Auction & Raffle will get a POAP NFT to indicate participation.

Details on where and how to bid will follow soon! Keep an eye out on Twitter and at for more information.

Note: Smart contract wallets like Argent & Gnosis safe will not be compatible with the Auction & Raffle this year. We plan to amend the contracts in future iterations to allow us to accept smart contract wallets.

How will the Raffle work?

Any participants who do not make the top 20 bids will have another chance to win 1 of 80 tickets to Devcon VI at the reserve price (0.25 ETH) through a raffle!

Each person who wins the Raffle will be able to withdraw any extra ETH above the reserve price. If you do not win either the raffle or the auction, you can withdraw your entire bid amount, minus a 2% sybil resistance fee.

Main Details

Link for more info here, and click here to head directly to the raffle here (Designed for desktop use).

Claim Deadline

Winners of the Auction & Raffle will have 48 HOURS TO CLAIM THEIR TICKET. Once this 48 hours has passed, you will no longer be able to redeem your voucher nor withdraw your funds. Set your reminders! ⏲️

Want more information? Link for more info here, and click here to head directly to the raffle here (Designed for desktop use).

Ready? Set…

Let’s Recap!

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