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Devcon Scholars Returns & Announcing Devcon Week!

Posted by Devcon Team on July 20, 2022

Devcon Scholars Returns & Announcing Devcon Week!

Queridos Amigos,

Yesterday, Wave #01 of Devcon tickets sold out just a few minutes after going online! After two years of anticipation, the whole team awaited this moment with curious suspense. But don’t worry, more ticket waves are coming soon.

Today we are excited to announce the return of the Devcon Scholars Program, an EF initiative to help critical Ethereum builders overcome obstacles to attend Devcon. Read below to find out if the Devcon Scholars Program is for you, and to get information on how to apply.

Additionally, we’re happy to announce the first events happening around Devcon in Bogotá, making Devcon more than just a 4-day conference but a whole Devcon Week experience.

Devcon Week comprises Ethereum-related events happening around the official conference days of 11-14 October. In homage to the decentralized organization of Devconnect, Devcon Week starts with an EthGlobal hackathon, ends with a community co-working space, and will feature events like Schellingpoint and ETH Latam Day. We’ll release more events on the Devcon Week schedule in the coming weeks!*

*This schedule doesn’t include the many community events, meetups, and social gatherings that will happen around Devcon. So expect another page coming soon that will include more on events run by the wider Ethereum community.

The Devcon Scholars Program Returns

We are pleased to announce the return of The Devcon Scholars Program!

If your attendance in Devcon VI could make a difference in the future of Ethereum, and you’re otherwise not able to attend due to cost, please apply for the Scholars Program between today and August 1st.

Devcon is the ultimate place for the builders and collaborators and it’s also an opportunity to bring new faces, places and entire communities into the fold. However, some critical builders in the Ethereum ecosystem face obstacles to attending Devcon (monetary or otherwise).

The Devcon Scholars Program provides full support to make Devcon more accessible for 50 individuals who have the potential to make a big impact on Ethereum and its community, but are unable to attend without assistance, monetary or otherwise. Scholars will receive Devcon tickets, funding for transportation, accommodation, per diem and visa application. Leading up to Devcon and during the Devcon Week, there will be online and in-person meetings for Scholars to get to know each other, to learn, and to prepare for the best experience in Bogotá, Colombia.

Applications are OPEN

The Devcon Scholars Program is for you if you believe your attendance in Devcon would make a difference on the future of Ethereum. We want Devcon Bogotá to be a hub of Ethereum innovation, and for that to happen, we need the most talented builders in our ecosystem to be there, regardless of their circumstances.

Whether you are a builder, entrepreneur, community organizer, journalist, teacher, researcher, or student, if you believe that your attendance in Devcon would make a difference in the future of Ethereum, please let us know how you plan to leverage the opportunity by filling out this application. The deadline to submit is August 1st, 2022.

Note: Applicants can be any age and should be able to communicate in English.

See you in Bogotá! 🇨🇴

We are so excited to review your applications and conduct interviews. We would be lucky to have many of you represent Ethereum at Devcon Bogotá, and beyond. Here’s to the future, and to seeing what we can build for Ethereum and its community!

Applications for volunteers and student or builder discount tickets remain open!

As always, stay tuned for event updates on Twitter and the Devcon Blog!

– Devcon Team 🦄

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