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Allocation Update: Q1 2023

Posted by Ecosystem Support Program Team on June 15, 2023

Allocation Update: Q1 2023

Kicking off the year with an addition to our Allocation Updates: we've included the contact details for grantees' projects, so that interested readers can reach out and get involved or learn more!

With that being said, read on to find out which projects received funding in Q1 in the table below:

Community & educationAutonomous Ecologies #1Black SkyConference that delved into the relationship between sovereignty and privacy, and how to establish privacy as a cornerstone of new technology.
Community & educationBuildETH 2023Ethereum developer conference hosted in San Francisco, California for those interested in building, designing, scaling, and securing decentralized applications and protocols.
Community & educationCluj Ethereum Developers MeetupsSeries of meetups and workshops in Cluj, Romania, aimed at educating developers on technical topics related to Ethereum.
Community & educationDevfolioSupport students and developers in India through a series of community initiatives including online hackathons, workshops, a fellowship, and grants.
Community & educationETH Beijing HackathonHackathon with a focus on public goods, research, and layer 2 (L2) dapps organized in Beijing, China.
Community & educationETHDamConference and hackathon held in Amsterdam, the Netherlands which focuses on topics such as security, privacy, scaling, and staking.
Community & educationETH DEV NL MeetupsSeries of meetups across cities in the Netherlands, with the purpose of learning about and developing on Ethereum, the Ethereum Virtual Machine, and smart contracts in general.
Community & educationETHDubai HackathonHackathon organized in Dubai, the United Arab Emirates, featuring tracks such as zero-knowledge (ZK), account abstraction, and security.
Community & educationEthereumZuri.chAcademia/research-focused conference and hackathon in Zürich, Switzerland covering topics such as data availability and security, Ethereum development, and cryptography.
Community & educationETH GuatemalaEthereum conference in Guatemala to promote education of the Ethereum ecosystem and blockchain technology.
Community & educationETH KIPUNon-profit organization dedicated to supporting the Ethereum ecosystem in Latin America through organizing events, building communities, and promoting education about Ethereum in Spanish and Portuguese.
Community & educationETH MontréalConference and hackathon seeking to explore the latest advancements in decentralized technology and onboard local students, developers, and researchers in Montréal, Canada.
Community & educationETHPortoConference and hackathon in Porto, Portugal with the aim of raising awareness among local communities and showcasing tangible blockchain projects in Portugal's traditional main industries.
Community & educationETHTaipeiConference and hackathon held in Taipei, Taiwan focusing on protocol development, zero-knowledge proofs (ZKPs), and L2s.
Community & educationETH #PrivacyLeading Privacy AlliancePrivacy-focused hackathon and conference organized in Istanbul, Türkiye.
Community & educationHackIT-BAComputer Society ITBAStudent-led hackathon held in Buenos Aires, Argentina, where hackers build projects related to smart automation or economy and decentralization.
Community & educationKL Mini HackETHKLSmall-scale hackathon in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia aimed at encouraging people interested in web3 to participate and get hands-on experience building projects.
Community & educationKyiv Ethereum Community MeetupsSeries of meetups and workshops for local developers to learn and build on Ethereum organized in Kyiv, Ukraine.
Community & educationProtocol BergDepartment of DecentralizationTechnical conference with talks and workshops covering topics such as protocol research, distributed virtual machines, and peer-to-peer networking held in Berlin, Germany.
Community & educationSecureum Bootcamp Epoch InfinityMonthly open and free smart contract security challenges that train participants in the basics of Ethereum, Solidity, and smart contract auditing techniques.
Community & educationSeoulBound by SporeDAOSongyi LeeGathering of DAO contributors in Seoul, South Korea to foster a deeper understanding of DAOs and share the collective practices and challenges of decentralized communities from Asian nations.
Community & educationSpaghettETHOrganizing community-led initiatives in Italy such as events, educational content about Ethereum, and a monthly web3 digest written in Italian.Email
Community & educationStaking SheetEridianCompilation of all the staking options available to individuals and institutions, comparing the key differences and considerations.Twitter
Community & education0xPARC FoundationOrganization promoting application-level R&D on Ethereum and other decentralized platforms.
Consensus layerDiscv5 Implementation in C#Pier TwoImplementation of the Discv5 specification in the C# programming language as a class library, with a long-term view on creating a user-friendly light client for the Ethereum network.
Consensus layerLodestar Consensus ClientChainSafeContinued development of Lodestar, with a focus on client development, light client R&D, and JavaScript ecosystem tooling.
Consensus layerStereumRock LogicContinued development of Stereum, a toolkit that simplifies the process of setting up and maintaining an Ethereum node with a focus on self-sovereignty, privacy, and flexibility.
Cryptography & zero knowledge proofsAnonymity in MACI3327Unconditional voter privacy: Increasing anonymity in MACI when a voter's public key has changed, by disabling the coordinator from seeing the link between the old and new public key of the voter.
Cryptography & zero knowledge proofsBattleZipsIan Brighton and Jack GilcrestZK arithmetic circuit implementation for an on-chain Battleship game in the halo2 proving scheme.
Cryptography & zero knowledge proofsETHSim Hardware WalletMarcus H.Development of an open-source, vendor-agnostic, SIM card based hardware wallet.
Cryptography & zero knowledge proofsHashListTowerRen-Shan LuohGas-efficient and scalable data structure for ZK membership proofs that combines HashList with Merkle trees.
Cryptography & zero knowledge proofsSemaphore Grants RoundGrants round for applications that integrate the Semaphore anonymous signaling protocol.
Cryptography & zero knowledge proofsSemaphore User ResearchLaura Navarro Muñoz (LauNaMu)Conduct user research for Semaphore protocol and translate Semaphore's documentation to Spanish.
Cryptography & zero knowledge proofsToolkit of Hashes to Elliptic CurvesRust implementation of the most performant not-currently implemented hash to elliptic curve functions that satisfy the indifferentiability property.
Cryptography & zero knowledge proofsWamuDavid SemakulaProtocol and library for building threshold signature wallets controlled by multiple decentralized identities that implements an augmented CGGMP21 threshold signature scheme in Rust.Website
Cryptography & zero knowledge proofsZK Circuits for ZK Eigen TrustGuorong DuContinued development of ZK Eigen Trust, a reputation management algorithm for communities, built on top of AttestationStation using the halo2 proving system.
Cryptography & zero knowledge proofszkShieldSpiroPrivate multisig that uses ZKPs and account abstraction to hide the account owners.
Data analysisWAX Analytics DashboardOutsider AnalyticsAnalytics dashboard utilizing on-chain data to display metrics around the usage of WAX on Arbitrum Testnet and future L2 networks.
Data analysisWithdrawals DashboardMetrikaWithdrawals monitoring dashboard to help the Ethereum community prepare for the Shanghai fork and track the impact withdrawals are having on network dynamics.
Developer experience & toolingBuidl GuidlDeveloper community and series of educational initiatives focused on onboarding developers to Ethereum.
Developer experience & toolingETHStakerContinued support for ETHStaker, a community group promoting and supporting Ethereum staking through education, advocacy, technical support, tooling, etc.
Developer experience & toolingeth-docker Security AuditSigma PrimeSecurity audit of eth-docker, which provides docker automation for Ethereum nodes.
Developer experience & toolingEVM Gas Cost EstimatorImappExtension of the EVM Gas Cost Estimator project, applying the method of estimating real-life computation costs of EVM opcodes to more EVM projects and execution layer clients.
Developer experience & toolingHome-staking Infrastructure Powered by NixJesse Karjalainen and Juuso HaavistoOpen-source tooling for the production of Linux distribution images which have validator software pre-installed with Nix, to simplify home-staking.
Developer experience & toolingInteroperable Tools for Creating and Analyzing did:ethr DIDsDanube TechImplementation of a module for the Universal Registrar that enables clients to create did:ethr decentralized identifiers (DIDs), thus making it easier to create and use did:ethr DIDs.Email, Twitter
Developer experience & toolingTrampolineContinued development of Trampoline, an ERC-4337-enabled browser extension template wallet.
Developer experience & toolingWallet Test FrameworkShared automated infrastructure for wallet testing with a simulated chain, JavaScript/TypeScript tests, and the ability to run in-browser that covers the execution-apis specification.Discord
Developer experience & toolingWeb3.js Library MaintenanceChainSafeCollection of libraries that allows users to interact with a local or remote Ethereum node using HTTP, IPC, or WebSocket.
Execution layerErigon Execution ClientFunding for Erigon's continued work on the Ethereum mainnet, specifically their client implementation, applied R&D on performance optimizations, and broader engagement with the client and research community.
General researchA Differentiable Circuit Intermediate Representation for ZK Machine LearningPaul Wilson (Main Recipient)Research applying ZKPs to machine learning models through the use of an intermediate representation for circuits which is differentiable, extensible, compositional, and scalable.Discord, GitHub, Twitter, Website
General researchAcademic Grants RoundGrants round funding formal research that aims to create more knowledge about Ethereum, blockchain technology, and related domains.
Indirect fundingETHPorto Quadratic Funding RoundQuadratic funding round organized by non-profit organization Movimento Transformers in collaboration with ETHPorto.
Layer 2Channel 4Jayaditya GuptaPrimitive protocol that will use state channel technique to enable off-chain transactions to solve online incentive issues, with possible future implementation for lightning payment in developing countries, mesh networks, and more.
Layer 2Layer 2 Grants RoundGrants round encouraging research and development around L2 applications and education from researching L2 metrics, multi-layer block explorer, compression for rollups, and educating more users on L2.
Layer 2L2BEATL2 data, research, and tooling hub that provides high-quality resources focused on supporting the Ethereum L2 ecosystem.
OtherNodeSetOrganization that seeks to promote small and medium-sized professional node operators, while working on enabling node operators to run validators on behalf of people.Discord, Twitter
OtherRevoke.cashRosco KalisFree and open-source tool for revoking or updating token allowances, practicing proper wallet hygiene, and reducing the chances of users becoming the victim of allowance exploits.
OtherTransaction Simulation Security ResearchRoi Vazan and Tal Be'eryResearch analyzing possible attack vectors against transaction simulations and test leading web3 simulation providers against them.Discord, Email, Twitter
Protocol growth & supportAccount Abstraction Developer TeamSupport for the account abstraction developer team's work on ERC-4337 and its implementation, infrastructure, developer tools, documentation, educational content, ecosystem support, and additional account abstraction research.
Protocol growth & supportEIP-6110: Supply Validator Deposits on ChainKevin BognerWork on EIP-6110, which enables an in-protocol mechanism for deposit processing on the consensus layer and eliminates the proposer voting mechanism currently utilized.
Protocol growth & supportImplementing libp2p in C#NethermindImplementation of the libp2p peer-to-peer networking protocol in the C# programming language, focusing first on libp2p protocols required in the Ethereum layer 1 stack.
Protocol growth & supportKZG Ceremony Grants RoundGrants round to support the Ethereum KZG Ceremony.
Protocol growth & supportSecurity Audit ExplorationsThe Red GuildApplied security research within the Ethereum ecosystem, with a focus on vulnerability research on smart-contract-based applications on application layer.

Total awarded in Q1: $12,910,616.53

Are you working on something you think could change Ethereum for the better? Head to our grants page to learn more about what we look for in the projects we fund.

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