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Devconnect Istanbul Updates!

Bringing the Ethereum community together to progress and collaborate

Posted by Devconnect Team on September 18, 2023

Devconnect Istanbul Updates!

Greetings, Ethereum builders and enthusiasts!

Devconnect Istanbul is just around the corner, with only two months to go! We're here to remind you why we're so excited about this event and to share some important updates and information.

Don't forget to secure your Devconnect Cowork ticket here, and if you need more information on what Devconnect is all about, head over to devconnect.org to learn more.

Attend Devconnect to shape the future of Ethereum 🌍

Devconnect is a gathering for those eager to advance Ethereum. By participating you can:

  1. Make progress happen: The events listed on the Devconnect schedule are deep dives into key Ethereum topics, designed to catalyze solutions. Join your fellow builders to discuss challenges and opportunities within the specific domains. Add your voice to shape the outcomes.

  2. Spark collaborations: The Devconnect Cowork fosters community and enables productivity. Meeting rooms, tables, wifi, and comfy areas will provide opportunities for group discussions and networking. Take this chance to make connections, exchange ideas, and start collaborations.

  3. Unlock the future of Ethereum: One part of our mission with Devconnect is to foster real-time idea exchanges and problem-solving. Attend Devconnect to be at the center of crucial conversations and help define the future of Ethereum.

Devconnect is by and for the Ethereum community. The events are hosted by many of the most passionate and knowledgeable teams, who know what we need to discuss for Ethereum to achieve the positive impact we all hope for. Ethereum is neither a company nor a single group, but an open source protocol, and if you are eager to contribute to Ethereum’s development, Devconnect is for you.

September updates 🚀

  • 📅 Devconnect schedule is growing: Each event during Devconnect week will be independently hosted and ticketed. You’ll need to secure tickets for each event you want to attend. Don’t overbook yourself, as they are deep-dive events. Further down we've listed all events that have opened up ticket sales and applications.

  • 🎫 Cowork tickets selling: The Devconnect Cowork hosted by the Devconnect team is open all week from 9am to 8pm and will be the main meeting point for Devconnect. Get your ticket here before they sell out.

  • 🙌 Last call for volunteering: Contribute to the success of Devconnect and make great friends while doing so. Apply by October 1st!

  • 🌐 Event applications: Are you planning an Ethereum and education-focused event? Apply to be featured on the schedule here.

  • 🎊 Side events: We won’t feature parties on our schedule, but several community-run side event schedules are making the rounds.

  • 🇹🇷ETH Günü - Do you speak Turkish? This one-day Ethereum event all in Turkish is for students, developers, researchers, finance professionals, regulators, and anyone curious to learn more about Ethereum. It will take place on the first day of Devconnect, 13 November 2023. Check out tickets here.

  • 🗺️ Traveling to Istanbul: We’ve prepared a guide that aims to equip you with everything needed to plan your travels to Istanbul, from accommodation recommendations to getting around in the city and tips from locals.

  • 🔉 Twitter Spaces starting this week: Devconnect Twitter Spaces will give event hosts a stage to explain their events and why it's important for the future of Ethereum. Join the first Space with L2BEATs co-founder Piotr Szlachciak, Toghrul Maharramov from Scroll, and Patrick McCorry from Arbitrum on Wednesday, September 20, 5 PM UTC. 👉RSVP here.

📅 Events with open ticket sales and applications

Each event during Devconnect week will be independently hosted and curated by the organizing teams. Ticketing will be handled by them (not the Devconnect team), so you’ll need to secure tickets for each event you want to attend. Keep in mind that Devconnect aims to be productive, which means smaller audiences and ticket applications for some events to target relevant audiences.

Below, you find a table with events that opened up ticket sales or applications. We’ll keep our schedule updated over at Devconnect.org, as further additions to the Devconnect schedule come together.

Event NameOrganizerDateDescription
Autonomous Worlds Assembly0xPARCNovember 15-16, 2023Talks, game demos, workshops, and panels on Autonomous Worlds. Tracks include World Technology, Digital Physics, and Decentralised Worldbuilding.
Censorship.WTFT&TNovember 18, 2023Discussion on censorship (resistance) at all layers of the Ethereum stack.
D1Conf - Decentralized Insurance ConferenceEtherisc / Chainproof / QuantstampNovember 16, 2023Premier event on decentralized insurance bringing together the community, insurtech innovators, and traditional insurance companies.
ETHGünü (ETH Day)Türkiye Ethereum CommunityNovember 13, 20231-day intro-to-Ethereum event in the Turkish language focused on locals: students, web2 devs, and newbies into trading but never knew what really Ethereum is.
ETHGlobal PragmaETHGlobalNovember 16, 2023In-person summit for builders and leaders in the web3 ecosystem.
ETHconomicsRobust Incentives GroupNovember 15, 2023Gathering researchers to explore the hardest problems in cryptoeconomics.
EVM SummitIpsilon TeamNovember 14, 2023Exploration of the future of the Ethereum Virtual Machine, covering a range of topics including L1 and L2 scaling solutions, zkEVMs, and more.
Fe DayFe Lang TeamNovember 15, 2023Hackathon and workshop on the Fe programming language.
Next Billion World CafeTeam Next BillionNovember 15, 2023Informal discussions between leaders with real-world challenges and builders with technical expertise.
Programmable Cryptography Conference (Progcrypto)0xPARC, Privacy & Scaling ExplorationsNovember 16-17, 2023Conference on “programmable cryptography” including SNARKs, STARKs, general-purpose MPC, FHE, and more.
Solidity SummitSolidity TeamNovember 16, 2023Event for those involved and interested in the Solidity language and its ecosystem.
Staking GatheringEthStakerNovember 13-14, 2023Event about Ethereum staking covering a variety of related topics.
Starknet CC IstanbulStarknet FoundationNovember 13, 2023One-day conference focusing on the advancements of the Starknet blockchain.
TrustXSecureumNovember 13-14, 2023Technical event dedicated to the Ethereum security ecosystem.
unStable SummitThe Herd StudioNovember 15, 2023Technical deep dive into all things hacking, breaking and destabilizing stablecoins.
Wallet UnconferenceEF, WalletConnect, CASA, FissionNovember 17, 2023Unconference on wallets, standards, usability, and more.
ZK Developer DaySuccinctNovember 15, 2023Event for the ZK community focusing on ZK cryptography and its applications.

Remember, this is just a preview! Check out the Devconnect schedule for the most up-to-date information and for a full list.

If you’re interested in hosting an event at Devconnect, check Devconnect.org and select “Get Involved > Host an Event”!

Looking for sponsorship details or speaking opportunities?

While the Devconnect Cowork will be sponsor-free and will not have any talks, independent events happening throughout Devconnect week may be looking for sponsorships or speakers. If you’re interested in sponsoring or speaking, check out relevant events to see if they are accepting sponsorships or speaker applications.

Stay in the loop

Stay tuned for updates about the schedule and other Devconnect-related news on Twitter/X @EFDevconenct or on Farcaster, and follow the Devconnect 2023 list on Twitter/X to keep up to date about updates from event hosts.

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