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Announcing the Ethereum Protocol Fellowship Cohort 5

Posted by Protocol Support Team on May 13, 2024

Announcing the Ethereum Protocol Fellowship Cohort 5


  • Review the program details for EPF5 šŸ”Ž
  • Applications for EPF5 are open until May 26 šŸ“
  • A town hall will be held for an overview and questions on May 21 at 4PM UTC. šŸŽ™ļø

We are excited to announce that the applications are now open for the fifth cohort of the Ethereum Protocol Fellowship (EPF5).

The EPF provides a pathway for aspiring protocol contributors to make meaningful contributions to Ethereum. In each cohort, a diverse group is assembled to work toward advancing Ethereum's technology during the fellowship. This includes everything from the development of client implementations, testing and specifications, and participating in the latest core protocol research.

The program provides fellows with a unique opportunity to collaborate with other talented individuals, to engage with current Ethereum core developers and fellowship peers, and to make a significant impact on the Ethereum ecosystem.

The EPF is a permissionless program. Anyone is welcome to participate with the same access and support offered to the selected fellows. A portion of the stipend budget is allocated to rewarding active permissionless participants.


  • Applications accepted through May 26, 2024 - APPLY HERE
  • The fifth cohort runs from June through November 2024, with two in-person events at EthCC in Brussels and Devcon in Southeast Asia
  • Participants will have access to mentors from the core development community
  • Select participants will be provided with a monthly stipend to allow them to focus on the program
  • Review all the program details in the EPF5 repo

What's new in EPF5?

  • Extended timeline from four to five months
  • Two in-person events (EthCC and Devcon)
  • New resources from EPF study group and epf.wiki

We continue to host some truly outstanding fellows who have made significant contributions to Ethereum, and we're thrilled to see what the fifth cohort will accomplish. To understand exactly what kind of projects have been worked on and to find an inspiration for your own, explore past fellows' work from previous cohorts.

Applications are now open and will remain so until May 26, 2024. For more information, please review the program details in the GitHub repository. On May 21 at 4:00PM UTC, the EPF team will hold a town hall to discuss the program and answer any questions.

Whether you're a seasoned developer in the blockchain space, a promising computer science student, or a researcher with an interest in cryptography and economics, we encourage you to apply!

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