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Announcing the Devcon SEA Supporter Program & Impact Forum

Applications open today through 31 July, 2024

Posted by Devcon Team on May 29, 2024

Announcing the Devcon SEA Supporter Program & Impact Forum

Ethereum community friends,

We're excited to share Devcon Supporter Program, which explores new ways to fund Ethereum-related public goods and impactful projects, is BACK for Devcon 7 in SEA. Originally launched at Devcon VI in Bogotá as an alternative to traditional event sponsorships, we’re excited to share the latest updates to the Supporter Program ahead of our journey to Southeast Asia!

Join as a Supporter and contribute to impact

Through the Devcon Supporter Program, teams will have the opportunity to contribute toward Ethereum-related public goods that grow the Ethereum ecosystem, and to receive tickets to Devcon SEA with our thanks for supporting technologies that help us move forward together.

Any team keen on getting access to Devcon and supporting Ethereum-related public goods can do both by partaking in this initiative. Simply complete the Application form to become a Supporter, and we'll contact you and guide you on how and where to contribute this year!

The application is open today, and will close on 31 July, 2024.

The Impact Forum: A space for meaningful interactions

Devcon 7 in SEA will also feature the Impact Forum, a new set of dedicated spaces where you can meet and interact with teams actively making a difference in the Ethereum ecosystem. Some Impact and Supporter teams will be invited to join these unique segments on-site in Bangkok, regardless of amounts contributed. Here, you’ll find opportunities for meaningful interaction within specific parts of the Ethereum community.

The application is open today, and will close on 31 July, 2024.

Inclusivity by design

The Devcon Supporter Program is for everyone. If you are seeking to make a difference and to receive passes for your team with our gratitude, or if you’re part of a smaller team, operating on a limited budget but making a difference with your work, we encourage you to apply. We have structured a few ways for different teams to participate, and our goal is to include a diverse group of participants in the Supporter Program.

As a Supporter

  1. Apply: Embrace the role of a Supporter, first by filling out the application form.
  2. Connect: Await our guidance on the next steps for your team.
  3. Contribute: Make your mark by supporting Ethereum public goods selected as part of this year’s program.
  4. Receive: Get your Devcon 7 tickets as our gesture of thanks.

As an Impact Team

  1. Learn More & Apply: Creating impact on a smaller, or with a limited budget? Fill out the application form to join Devcon as an Impact Team at no cost!.
  2. Connect: Await our guidance on the next steps tailored for your team.
  3. Receive: Following a review, approved Impact teams will receive Devcon 7 tickets as our gesture of thanks.

Other updates


The first opportunity to get your tickets to Devcon 7 will start in June! We will be opening a Raffle-Auction, with other ticket opportunities launching in July. We aim to make this Devcon as accessible as possible with Builder discounts, Local discounts for Southeast Asia, and more offered this year.


Speaker applications for Devcon SEA will open in July! Until then, you can share who you want to see at Devcon on our Forum.


Devcon, the 4-day conference, happens between 12-15 November in the QSNCC venue. Book accommodation close to the Metro or Skytrain - the Devcon venue is directly connected to the Metro stop “Queen Sirikit National Convention Center!”

Come early, leave late - Plan a couple of extra days for events before and after Devcon, and to explore Bangkok or Southeast Asia. Bangkok city guide coming soon!

Thank you for your interest and contributions to the Ethereum ecosystem. We look forward to seeing the results of these collaborations at Devcon 7.

Devcon Team

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