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Ethereum Protocol Attackathon in Collaboration with Immunefi

Posted by EPS Research Team on July 8, 2024

Ethereum Protocol Attackathon in Collaboration with Immunefi

The Ethereum Protocol Security (EPS) Research Team is pleased to announce the launch of the first Ethereum protocol Attackathon, hosted by Immunefi. This four-week event aims to enhance the security of the Ethereum protocol through a large-scale crowdsourced security audit competition. Our goal is to raise over 2 million USD for the reward pool, the EF has seeded the pool with an initial 500,000 USD.

Help Support Ethereum Security

We invite the entire Ethereum community — from projects to individual developers — to participate in this important event. Contributions to the reward pool will directly enhance the security of the Ethereum ecosystem, fostering a safer environment for users and developers.

The sponsorship program will close on August 1, 2024, after which the final reward pool will be locked, and further details of the Attackathon will be announced. Community members can join the sponsorship program here.

Join us in our efforts to secure the Ethereum Protocol and help make this our largest Attackathon yet.

What is an Attackathon?

The Attackathon is a time bound audit challenge to bolster the security of the Ethereum protocol. It begins with an educational phase where participants receive instruction on the protocol’s code via live technical walkthroughs and educational content from the Attackathon Academy. This phase ensures that participants are well-prepared to identify and understand potential vulnerabilities.

During the Attackathon, security researchers will actively search for vulnerabilities in the protocol’s code. They will follow specific rules set for the competition, and only impactful and rule-compliant reports will be rewarded. This phase focuses on real-time problem-solving and applying the knowledge gained during the initial phase.

After the Attackathon, Immunefi will evaluate and compile the findings into an official report. This report will detail the vulnerabilities discovered and highlight the top researchers, celebrating their contributions and expertise.

This event aims to be the largest crowdsourced security audit, enhancing the security of the entire Ethereum protocol codebase.

Why Collaborate with Immunefi?

Immunefi is recognized for its experience in web3 security, managing a large community of security researchers. They have protected significant user funds across various projects and have a track record of identifying and mitigating security risks.

Immunefi’s Attackathons emphasize education and community involvement. Participants benefit from a structured environment that includes live explainers on Ethereum and security, as well as educational content from the Attackathon Academy. This collaboration aims to deepen the community’s understanding of Ethereum’s code and technology while contributing to its security.

Future Security Challenges

The EF's Protocol Security Research Team is committed to ongoing security improvements. We plan to host similar Ethereum protocol security challenges at every hard fork covering changes to the codebase. These events will be organized on different platforms, providing varied opportunities for the community to engage in securing the Ethereum protocol.

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