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March 21, 2024


Sepolia Incident
Sepolia Incident

by Marius van der Wijden, Toni Wahrstätter, Parithosh Jayanthi

This blog post discloses a threat against the Ethereum network that was present from the Merge up until the Dencun hard fork.

by Devcon Team

Hello, Devcon awaiters! We are thrilled to announce the venue where we’ll meet for Devcon 7 in Southeast Asia from November 12-15! This year we are transforming the QSNCC - Queen Sirikit National Convention Center into a lively world that showcases our community spirit, and all of the innovation being worked on in the Ethereum ecosystem. For easier bookmarking, find a maps link to the venue here!

by Team Next Billion

Ethereum is growing, and diversity of human participation creates resilience throughout the ecosystem. The Devconnect Scholars Program is one small effort that aims to create resilience through community diversity. Better representation across human geography and demographics leads to diverse experiences and new perspectives that help the Ethereum protocol serve the coordination needs of all humans, not just a lucky few. Not only does better representation - leading to better geographical distribution of Ethereum nodes for example - help the security of the network, but we believe it is crucial in enriching our community and in making Ethereum stories tangible for more people. The Scholars Program brought to Devconnect Istanbul 22 builders from communities that are currently underrepresented in Ethereum. This post highlights just a few of

by Protocol Support Team

March 12, 2024 update: Since the initial publication of this post, several client teams have made Dencun-compatible releases containing significant performance and stability improvements. While previously announced versions are still considered sufficient for the upgrade, a column has been added to the Client Releases tables highlighting the latest recommended versions for all clients. Mainnet blobs are coming .oO: Two years after its ETHDenver inception, dozens of testing calls and devnets later, protodanksharding is finally going live on mainnet! Dencun will activate on the Ethereum mainnet at epoch 269568, occurring on March 13, 2024 at 13:55 UTC. Node operators & stakers must upgrade their software to releases listed in this announcement. To receive email alerts for future network upgrade announcements, subscribe here.

February 21, 2024


ZK Grants Round

by Rodrigo Vasquez

The Ethereum Foundation is thrilled to announce a collaborative grant round with Aztec, Polygon, Scroll, Taiko, and zkSync to develop Zero Knowledge public goods projects. Each co-funder of the grant round has contributed 150K USD in funds, bringing the total grant pool to 900K USD. The breadth and complexity of the Layer 2 ecosystem has reached a point where identifying shared needs and dependencies requires the participation of domain experts from a range of stakeholders. The co-funders will, therefore, not only provide funding but also participate in the allocation decisions. Beyond more and better-informed funding, we hope this approach will facilitate increasing modularity and use of shared standards in the ZK L2 ecosystem. For this round the research teams have collaborated on a collective wishlist to

February 7, 2024


Introducing the EPF Study Group

by Josh Davis & Mario Havel

The Ethereum Protocol Fellowship (EPF) is a program designed to reduce the barrier to entry for developers interested in working on the core protocol. As core developer (and EPF creator) Piper Merriam likes to say, the door is comically wide open. EPF helps you walk through it. Over the past two cohorts, one of the most frequent request we've received from applicants & participants was for better onboarding materials. Josh and Mario, the coordinators of the EPF, are excited to announce the launch of the EPF study group (EPFsg): a 10 week education series intended as a precursor to the Ethereum Protocol Fellowship (the fifth cohort is coming 🔜). EPFsg has been designed to guide and grow the next generation of Ethereum core developers

by Ethereum.org Team

A look back at 2023, and a glimpse at what lies ahead in 2024 2023 was an excellent year for the team behind the ethereum.org website, and its community — we already feel a little nostalgic, but it's important to make space for celebrating the things the ethereum.org community helped us build in 2023 and continue the momentum in 2024. In that spirit, we prepared a recap with our 2023 highlights of the ethereum.org community — enjoy the reading!

January 24, 2024


Sepolia & Holesky Dencun Announcement

by Protocol Support Team

Important update: since the initial publication of this post, Lodestar has published a new release, v1.15.0, which Holesky users must upgrade to prior to Dencun's activation on February 7th. Additionally, Prysm and Nimbus have both published highly recommended releases for Holesky. Prysm users are encouraged to use v4.2.1, and Nimbus users v24.2.0. Goerli blobs are here: Dencun went live on Goerli at 6:32 UTC on January 17, 2024. You can now use blobs there! Sepolia and Holesky will upgrade over the next two weeks. Dencun will activate on Sepolia at epoch 132608 (January 30th, 22:51 UTC), and on Holesky at epoch 29696 (February 7th, 11:35 UTC). Client releases in this announcement are suitable for both testnet upgrades. Assuming the Sepolia and Holesky

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