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December 6, 2023


Run a Node Grants Round Grantee Announcement
Run a Node Grants Round Grantee Announcement

by Ecosystem Support Program Team

The Run A Node Grants Round wanted to reach different users exploring blockchain, learning, community efforts, and research purposes. The aim of this round was to encourage the exploration of a diverse range of ideas for operating nodes beyond running a validator, such as facilitating data queries for research, examining node performance under severe conditions, or enhancing node UX. Applicants had the option to select a Dappnode or provide specs to receive a stipend for a custom build. We received a total of 243 applications. Out of all the applications we evaluated, we selected 35 recipients from 23 different countries to receive support to run nodes. Eligibility requirements for this round included that applicants must have fast, stable internet connections with high data thresholds, must

by Devconnect Team

Devconnect, the week-long gathering of the Ethereum ecosystem and community, concluded its second edition in Istanbul. The week saw over 3,500 participants from diverse backgrounds come together from November 13-19 at the Devconnect Cowork in the Istanbul Congress Center, and many more join the 70+ deep-dive events organized by independent teams in the Ethereum community. Events took place at various locations across the city and beyond, celebrating the breadth and depth of the Ethereum ecosystem. Thank you to everyone who was part of Devconnect! We are so happy that everyone that was able to join us for an intense week, brimming with conversations, talks, workshops, and real-life connections. A massive shoutout is owed to all the independent organizers, volunteers, and to all the attendees who

by Protocol Support

In the coming months, Goerli, Ethereum's first multi-client testnet, will stop being supported by client and EF testing teams. The Dencun network upgrade will be the last one implemented on the network. Either three months after the Goerli Dencun activation, or one month after the Dencun mainnet activation, whichever comes later, teams will begin exiting their validators [1]. Anyone relying on Goerli as a stable testnet should migrate elsewhere prior to this. While Goerli staking is permissionless, client and testing teams' validators make up a supermajority of the stake. Their exits will therefore affect the stability of the network. Additionally, teams plan to use the occasion to test delayed finality, inactivity leaks and mass-slashings. Application and tooling developers are encouraged to use Sepolia to test decentralized

by Team Next Billion

Decades from now, there will be many stories to tell about the early days of Ethereum. We will remenisce about how a peculiar and powerful technology began to change the landscape of trust on the internet. Some will remember being skeptical, while others may claim to have known all along that it would change the world. Those future stories are out of reach for us – obscured as all things are by the challenges and uncertainties of the present moment. But there are other stories out there, right now, that we need to listen to. Stories of people; of their learning, growth, hope, and experience. The Next Billion Fellowship at the Ethereum Foundation is a search for individuals with stories to tell us about today, and

November 15, 2023


Beyond Borders - Unveiling Potential of Blockchain in a Crisis

by Karam Alhamad

Crisis is a cruel teacher. It can draw us together in our shared fragility, but paradoxically it can also distance us from our shared humanity. In times of great crisis, the institutions and structures of society that are supposed to protect and support us may become twisted, corrupted, or rendered impotent – and sometimes, the very things that make us humans can play a role in our collective dehumanization. In Syria, my political activism became the grounds for denying me the most basic forms of identification. I was detained and tortured as a means of political repression. My academic pursuits forcibly halted, and any semblance of proof of my existence was stripped away. And I, along with millions of others like me, had to

November 3, 2023


Update 2 - Preparing for Devconnect Events

by Devconnect Team

Last week, we posted an advisory update on recent events and potential travel considerations related to Devconnect. Safety is our first and primary consideration now, and we are closely monitoring the situation, including working closely with local security providers, law enforcement, and external risk advisory partners to understand and anticipate risks to Devconnect. We have also conducted an internal review of our security arrangements and crisis response plans, to make sure they are appropriate. Further, we will share advisories and updates in public channels if anything changes, in addition to other information on how guests can make sure that events are safe and secure. The Israel government has also released a notice warning any Israelis in the country to leave Turkey immediately. With that said, we wanted to

by Justin Traglia

For EIP-4844, Ethereum clients need the ability to compute and verify KZG commitments. Rather than each client rolling their own crypto, researchers and developers came together to write c-kzg-4844, a relatively small C library with bindings for higher-level languages. The idea was to create a robust and efficient cryptographic library that all clients could use. The Protocol Security Research team at the Ethereum Foundation had the opportunity to review and improve this library. This blog post will discuss some things we do to make C projects more secure. <!--

October 23, 2023


Update - Advisory on recent events and potential travel considerations

by Devconnect Team

Over the last weeks, we have been closely monitoring the security and safety in Istanbul. In particular, we have been focused on how events in Israel and the Gaza Strip may impact attendee safety. We try to assess risk whenever we host an event. In the case of Devconnect Istanbul, we have consulted with our event organizer partners, local community members, and monitored government warnings that affect our community or the region. We recently took an additional step of working with external risk advisory services to consider where and how we may need to make changes to reflect conditions regionally. In advance of further updates, we want to share two key points: Although the current threat specifically targeting the Devconnect event itself is low, there

by Ethereum.org Team

Ethereum.org is an educational website and portal to Ethereum - for many people, it is their first contact with Ethereum, the place where they find their first wallet or dapp to use, and their go-to resource to start learning or level up their knowledge. To best serve this purpose, we have been running the ethereum.org Translation program since July 2019, intending to make the content on the site available to everyone, including over 6 billion non-English speakers. By providing educational content about Ethereum and essential onboarding pages in as many languages as possible, we are making learning about Ethereum and becoming an Ethereum user or developer as easy as possible for everyone, regardless of the languages they speak. The result of this effort has been a steady increase

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