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July 9, 2024


Devcon 2024 updates - Secure your tickets, apply to speak, and get involved!
Devcon 2024 updates - Secure your tickets, apply to speak, and get involved!

by Devcon Team

Ethereum family, We have two major updates today, three smaller ones, and a bunch of reminders about Devcon SEA and how you can get involved ahead of getting together in Bangkok from November 12-15.

by EPS Research Team

The Ethereum Protocol Security (EPS) Research Team is pleased to announce the launch of the first Ethereum protocol Attackathon, hosted by Immunefi. This four-week event aims to enhance the security of the Ethereum protocol through a large-scale crowdsourced security audit competition. Our goal is to raise over 2 million USD for the reward pool, the EF has seeded the pool with an initial 500,000 USD.

July 2, 2024


blog.ethereum.org mailing list incident

by EF Operational Security

On 2024-06-23, 00:19 AM UTC, a phishing email was sent out to 35,794 email addresses by updates@blog.ethereum.org with the following content Users who clicked the link in the email were sent to a malicious website: This website had a crypto drainer running in the background, and if a user initiated their wallet and signed the transaction requested by their website their wallet would have been drained. Our internal security team immediately launched an investigation to help determine who launched the attack, what the aim of the attack was, when it happened, who was affected, and how it happened. Some of the intial actions taken were: Prevented the threat actor from sending additional emails. Sent out notifications via twitter and email to not click the link in question. Closed down the

by Rodrigo Vasquez

The Ethereum Foundation, along with Aztec, Polygon, Scroll, Taiko, zkSync, announces the 25 winners of the collaborative ZK grant round. Each sponsor contributed 150,000 USD to the shared pool of 900,000 USD. The winners were selected through a rank-choice vote after thorough reviews. The selected projects cover a range of approaches to advancing zero-knowledge proofs. These include developing security frameworks, analyzing cryptographic schemes, creating benchmarking tools for performance and scalability, and integrating advanced cryptographic models into practical applications which will benefit the whole ZK ecosystem. The projects aim to enhance the efficiency, security, and applicability of zero-knowledge proofs across different domains. The grantees include researchers and developers from various organizations and universities, working on both theoretical advancements and practical implementations to address key challenges in

by Team Next Billion

As a global public resource, technology must remain open, accessible, and dedicated to promoting the greater good. The Next Billion Fellowship Program is a testament to this vision, seeking to capture stories of communities whose lives are changing for the better. Today, we are proud to introduce seven individuals with remarkable stories to share. Their narratives offer a glimpse into their diverse contexts and possible futures — ones we cannot fully foresee but where humanity is uplifted. By drawing inspiration from the Next Billion Fellows’ stories, we hope to imagine a future where this open protocol of human coordination serves as a public good for billions of people.

June 14, 2024


Launching a Quadratic Funding round for SEA communities

by Devcon Team

Dear Ethereum explorers, Announcements are coming one after another as we get closer to Devcon. Today we’re thrilled to announce the launch of a quadratic funding round for SEA communities by clr.fund! We see the excitement and grassroots energy in Southeast Asia growing and have witnessed the passion from local builders firsthand during our SEA tour in April.

June 11, 2024


Ticket launch details, on-chain raffle-auction, and programming tracks revealed

by Devcon Team

With just five months to go, we are entering the hot phase before Devcon! The Supporter Program, Impact Forum, and Devcon Scholars have already launched, bringing us closer to the Devcon ticket launch. Today we are sharing the details on how to get your Devcon tickets. Additionally, we are releasing the programming tracks for Devcon SEA! TL;DR: We have two major updates for you today! Programming tracks are live Ticketing types and timelines are live

June 7, 2024


Devcon Scholars Program Returns for Devcon SEA!

by Devcon & Team Next Billion

We are excited to announce the return of the Devcon Scholars Program for Devcon Southeast Asia! Bringing together builders from diverse geographies and disciplines, the Devcon Scholars Program offers more than just a scholarship to attend Devcon – it aims to build a community focused on co-learning and co-creation, to bridge Ethereum with other worlds and to push Ethereum's boundaries. This year, we are looking to welcome up to 100 Scholars divided across four categories: (1) Ethereum Community Organizers, (2) Law Students & Legal Professionals, (3) Artists & Sci-fi Writers, and (4) Other Builders. Applications are now open, until Sunday, July 7th, 2024 at 11:59pm PST.

May 29, 2024


Announcing the Devcon SEA Supporter Program & Impact Teams

by Devcon Team

Ethereum community friends, We're excited to share that the Devcon Supporter Program, which explores new ways to fund Ethereum-related public goods and impactful projects, is BACK for Devcon 7 in SEA. Originally launched at Devcon VI in Bogotá as an alternative to traditional event sponsorships, we’re excited to share more information about this year's Supporter Program ahead of our journey to Southeast Asia!

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