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The great renaming: what happened to Eth2?

Ethereum is a protocol undergoing significant changes. Client teams are upgrading the protocol to scale to meet global demand while improving security and decentralization. Beyond protocol development, a critical shift in Ethereum has been the movement away from ‘Eth1’ and ‘Eth2’ terminology. As of late 2021, core developers stopped using the terminology, preferring ‘execution layer’ and ‘consensus layer’, respectively. Today, as highlighted in our Q1 roadmap, makes the same shift. Eth1 → execution layer Eth2 → consensus layer Execution layer + consensus layer...
post image Translation Program: Milestones and Updates

The Translation Program has been live for over two years, and we are excited to share a couple of milestones we have hit since its inception, as well as some of our plans for the future. Since we launched the initiative in 2019, over 2,000 community members have contributed, translating a total of 2.8 million words so far! Thanks to all this activity, is now available in 37 different languages. While English continues to be the primary language...
post image Translation Program: Milestones and Updates

We hope that you are all excited for the upcoming year-end holidays. Today, we’ve got some exciting new changes to announce for’s Translation Program and some milestones to celebrate. To start, we can’t thank you enough for all of your support this year. Thanks to you we’ve been able to update 16 languages in 2020! And since our launch 13 months ago, unique pageviews of translated content have grown 10 times more than last year. 🎉 But we don’t...

We are sunsetting Studio

Within the next few weeks, we’ll be winding down Ethereum Studio. Please use this time to download any projects you have saved. To download your project, use the download icon in the file explorer. If you’re looking for another web environment for your Solidity development, we recommend Remix. Also, we encourage you to consider setting up a local development environment. For tools, documentation, and more, check out our developer portal.

Introducing the new developer portal

Hey Ethereum community! We last spoke August 5 – how you been? We’re here to talk about something fresh we’ve shipped. Maybe you’ve already noticed, but we’ve got a new Developers section. For a long time, this content was a wall of links to products you might find helpful when building a dapp. We provided very little context and left a lot of connecting the dots up to you. We thought we could do better. Technical information about Ethereum is... Translation Program: Milestone and Updates

Your browser does not support the video tag. Today we’re excited to celebrate a huge milestone - now supports 30 languages! 🎉🎉🎉 Since we launched the Website Translation Program seven months ago, we’ve seen how decentralized collaboration can result in a significant impact in the ecosystem, benefiting hundreds of thousands of community members around the world. As of today, 467 volunteers from 52 language groups have helped make accessible to non-English speaking communities in their mother tongues. Thanks...

Development Update #2 -

Hey Ethereum! Here’s the latest update from the team: Style guide & Design upgrade is getting an upgrade! In January we released a style guide (figma doc) for public comment and feedback, and we’re currently in the process of rolling it out live on the site. We also published a set of design principles that help guide decisions about the site. The rollout of the new site design will also include new layouts to existing pages - go...

Development Update #0 -

Development Update #0 - Welcome to the first development update for, the first of a regular series of blog posts keeping the community up to date on the website’s progress.

Beginning a new

Hello, world! Welcome to the new This is the beginning of the relaunch, not the end. As explained in more detail below, the new website is intentionally a work in progress. It’s launching as an experiment, intended to grow and iterate in public as it is improved by the community — just like Ethereum.