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DEVcon is back!

Posted by Vitalik Buterin on September 24, 2015

DEVcon is back!

DevCon 1 will be happening in London on November 9-13, a little over one hundred days since the Ethereum network launched. Over the last months, we’ve seen the network grow from a few hundred nodes starting on that one exciting and special night to a very substantial, globally deployed stable platform with thousands of devs pushing towards the decentralization revolution which motivates and inspires us.

DevCon will have three primary categories of topics:

  • Basic research and core protocols: including proof of stake, scalability, networking protocols, privacy and zero-knowledge proofs, as well as some of the more mathematical aspects of decentralized protocols like stablecoins, prediction markets and reputation systems. This part will be designed to be similar to an academic conference, in some ways in the spirit of Cryptoeconomicon.
  • Dapp development: focusing on the practical challenges of developing applications on top of the ethereum platform and effective design patterns to optimize security, efficiency, developer time and the user experience. This part will be designed to be similar to a programming language developer convention, eg. http://nodejsconf.it/
  • Industry and social implications: including IoT, finance, government, supply chain tracking, notarization, identity and reputation. This part will be designed to appeal to industry and mainstream audiences, and particularly those from outside the Ethereum ecosystem coming in with the goal of understanding what its features are and how their projects can benefit from using the technology, as well as other interested parties such as policymakers and investors.
The conference will take place over 5 days from November 9-13 in London at the Gibson Hall. The first half of the week will focus on research and dapp development, and the second half of the week will focus on industry and social implications. We’ll also be discussing how development will continue now that the platform has launched, as well as the future direction of the foundation as an organization. We hope that over the course of the week you will be able to develop the understanding and make the connections you need to make the most of the opportunities Ethereum presents.

There will be keynotes from several of the core development team, updating you on progress and some exciting new projects, and as far as possible we’ll endeavor to livestream the event so that people who could not make it can come in too.

One of the features of the week will be a focus on the dapps the community are producing - a showcase, if you like, of all the great things happening on the Ethereum platform. Expect talks from development teams sharing what they have learned, and detailed talks about the new businesses and business models enabled by the Ethereum platform. If you think that you have something to share, feel free to get in touch with us at info@ethereum.org.

A website will soon be live at http://devcon.ethereum.org and we will add details on prices, agenda, sponsorships, etc as info becomes available.

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