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The last Blog Post

Posted by Gavin Wood on January 11, 2016

The last Blog Post

The time is gone, the song is over, Thought I'd something more to say. -- Pink Floyd

It is with no small amount of sadness that I must bid ye farewell. Like The Floyd’s work, in the time I’ve been involved with Ethereum, I’ve sampled the full gamut of emotion. From the amazement of meeting so many cool people (not least of whom Jani and Wendell) in Miami, Jan ‘14, to meeting Jeff for the first time in Feb ‘14 for the first real face-to-face collaboration on a client, to travelling through the U.S. in March ‘14 and meeting luminaries like Joel and Juan. And then there was the excitement of setting up EthDev and building a team with my serial co-conspirator Aeron, getting to know the awesome coders Martin and Roman at DevCon-0 and testing the depths of my intellect with Matt and Tim on Ethash...

But enough of the past; endings surely beckon opportunity if only you search enough, and this is no different. Together with core developers Arkadiy and Marek and a troupe of others (old hands and new faces alike), I’ll be working to make The Dream a reality as part of a sparkly new venture.

I’m afraid to say I’ll be letting my C++ get a little rusty as I explore various avenues of technology other than the cpp-ethereum core. Nevertheless I’ll do my best to support and guide Bob, Christoph and others as they take it forward to new realms and provide a bit of competition for the other teams.

The road ahead is surely bumpy but we know what we have to do and the views, I expect, will be magnificent. Goodbye and thanks for all the fish.


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