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Live: Devcon5 Final Ticket Appeals

Posted by Devcon Team on September 3, 2019

Live: Devcon5 Final Ticket Appeals

This is it: Final appeals are the last way to book your ticket to Osaka for Devcon 5

Note: All participants in the on-chain Devcon Ticket Raffle and Auction will receive an NFT-ticket to Devcon5! In the next days, your ERC-721 and will be issued to the addresses used in the on-chain sales and we’ll release a post detailing how to retrieve your ticket. For help with this process or other questions related to the on-chain ticketing processes, contact support@ethereum.org.

Over the last months, we’ve experimented with as many ways as possible to get Devcon tickets into the hands of Ethereum community members and to the general public. This year, our small team has fielded Builder, Student, Scholar, Speaker, Sponsor, and Press applications, we’ve been on an adventure through three public waves, an on-chain raffle and an on-chain auction. As a small percentage ticket codes from these processes go unclaimed, we’re left with a small reserve that will now be repurposed for a final appeals process.

The process for the Final Appeals window will be familiar to those that participated last year. To take part, simply fill out the form at the bottom of this page. From there, we’ll review the submissions for stand-out situations (tell us a bit about why you’d like to attend!), and then randomly select as many submissions as we have spots available.

All selected applications will receive a voucher code that will be active for a 48-hour window. When these codes expire, another round of applicants will have an opportunity to check-out.

By next week, we’ll have allotted the final Devcon passes, and the one-month countdown to joining together in Osaka will be underway. Thank you for your support, for being on this ride with us, and we hope to see you soon.

Devcon5 Final Ticket Appeals Form

Opens: Live now

Ends: Friday September 6, 2019 at 11:59PM Pacific Time (US)

-- devcon team

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