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Devcon On-Chain Raffle & Auction Participants

Ticket distribution details are here!

Posted by Devcon Team on September 12, 2019

Devcon On-Chain Raffle & Auction Participants

With the the first-ever on-chain Devcon ticket distributions now behind us, it's time to talk ticket distribution for all participants!

First, we'd like to offer a sincere "Thank you" to everyone that participated in these first trial rounds for on-chain Devcon ticketing. Thanks to your support, we're confident in our code and exploring the possibility of expanding these systems in future years.

On the Raffle/Auction processes, the contracts completed their tasks and Ethereum users were on the ball! In the auction round, all bid reveals were completed with two days remaining.

Participants, please read carefully since without contact information on-file, these will serve as your instructions for Devcon attendance!

  1. Everyone that participated in the Raffle and Auction will receive a NFT (a Non-Fungible ERC-721 Token) at the addresses used in the on-chain sales. For help or technical assistance related to your NFT, contact support@ethereum.org.

  2. Visit EtherCards.Devcon.org. Here, and login with the same address used to participate in on-chain sales.

  3. Once you've logged in and your NFT has been verified, you'll find a generated QR code that serves as your ticket to Devcon.

  4. Please be sure to screenshot and/or print this QR code for a speedy entry.

Attendees should redeem their NFTs for tickets in advance. Should you experience any issues, our Devcon registration staff and volunteers at the door will help you to complete the process on-site if needed.

For all details about the venue, schedule, list of speakers, location guides and more, stay tuned to @EFDevcon, Devcon.org, and Blog.ethereum.org.

Finally, we extend our thanks once more to the Ether.cards team for making this year's on-chain Raffle and Auction possible.

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