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Ethereum.org Translation Program: Milestone and Updates

Posted by Ethereum.org Team on July 29, 2020

Ethereum.org Translation Program: Milestone and Updates

Today we’re excited to celebrate a huge milestone - Ethereum.org now supports 30 languages! 🎉🎉🎉

Since we launched the Website Translation Program seven months ago, we’ve seen how decentralized collaboration can result in a significant impact in the ecosystem, benefiting hundreds of thousands of community members around the world.

As of today, 467 volunteers from 52 language groups have helped make ethereum.org accessible to non-English speaking communities in their mother tongues.

Thanks to these volunteers, 16% of all traffic to ethereum.org is now directed towards non-English versions of the site. Over time, this number has grown significantly.

Two months ago, the website team set a Q2 goal of adding six more languages to the 24 that existed at the time. We’re honored to have accomplished this milestone by integrating the languages listed below:

  • Norwegian v.1.1
  • Chinese Traditional v.1.1
  • Malayalam v.1.1
  • Ukrainian v1.1
  • Lithuanian v.1.0
  • Portuguese v.1.0
  • Italian v1.0 -> v.1.1 (updated)

Q3: Upgrading existing languages to site v1.1

In Q3, we've set a new goal of upgrading all languages to the latest version of ethereum.org, v1.1, which reflects to current content on the site. Currently, we have 16 languages waiting to be upgraded to v.1.1, which builds on previous content. Moreover, there will be more content updated in Q3/Q4. The languages we're focused on now are listed below, paired with a percentage to show the progress of the translation:

  • Portuguese Brazilian (83%)
  • Lithuanian (79%)
  • Dutch (69%)
  • Spanish (69%)
  • Russian (59%)
  • Portuguese (56%)
  • Igbo (52%)
  • Japanese (48%)
  • Korean (48%)
  • Greek (48%)
  • Polish (48%)
  • Slovenian (48%)
  • Czech (48%)
  • Persian (44%)
  • Thai (38%)
  • Vietnamese (19%)

Interested in contributing to our translation effort? We encourage you to work towards the latest version (v 1.1). If you've already started working on a lower version, that's fine too! We'll add any completed version to the website.

Again, we wish to have your continuous support in our Q3 goal. Of course, support with unlisted languages is always welcome.

How to get involved?

Latest Updates

Here are the latest updates we’ve made across the website translation program.

1. Acknowledgment page

We'd like to give credit to all who have helped us hit this milestone, for which we are very appreciative. We will soon dedicate a special recognition page, which will contain a list of volunteer names (or nicknames for the privacy concious). If you'd like to change your current name or to stay anonymous, please change your Crowdin profile setting by following the instruction at the end of this section.

2. Top 10 contributor list

In the future, there will be a separate table showing the names and a brief summary (i.e. language, number of words) to acknowledge outstanding contributions of these special contributors, while also encouraging potential existing and new volunteers to join our force.

3. Fill up your Github and Twitter handles

Along with the Acknowledgement page, we will be consistent in thanking contributors on Twitter. With every new language update, we have given a brief acknowledgment to the contributors by mentioning their nickname (or real name) in the Twitter announcement.

On top of the current format, we would like to tag contributors' Twitter handles and mention their GitHub accounts in the Twitter announcement. In order to standardize this process, contributors can fill in their Crowdin profiles with the information they would like us to share. The instructions, listed below, can help serve as a reminder and a guide for entering necessary information.

Instructions for updating your Crowdin profile:

  1. Go to the [Account Settings]

  2. Fill out the [About Me] section with the information you want to share. This will be shown on our Twitter announcement.

    a. Name (or Nickname):

    b. Github:

    c. Twitter:

    d. Anonymous: Yes / No

If you don’t want to be introduced or want to stay anonymous, we respect your preference. Please leave the place empty and check the “anonymous” field with yes.

4. Content translation program

Lastly, we’re excited to announce that we've successfully wrapped up the first batch trial of the Content Translation Program. We also experimented with expanding our translation efforts to content outside of Ethereum.org, with the three carefully chosen articles below:

We were delighted to be able to offer this great content in other languages. But for now, we will be shifting focus to a lot of new content coming to ethereum.org. If you're already working on this ecosystem content, no worries! We'll be happy to upload it as soon as you're finished.

Join our program

We're very proud of our recent milestones and we look forward to serving more global communities by adding more languages in the future. As always, a huge thanks is owed to all of the volunteers who have given their time and energy to support this program. If you aren’t yet part of the program and interested in participating, come join us here! 🦄

Special thanks to Joseph Schweitzer for excellent feedback and inlak16 for the amazing celebration animation.

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