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Allocation Update: Q2 2021

Posted by Ecosystem Support Program Team on November 4, 2021

Allocation Update: Q2 2021

It's that time again - our Q2 grantee lineup is coming right up.

But before we get to that: ESP is hiring a Team Lead! We're looking for someone organized, innovative, and passionate about Ethereum. If you think you might be the right person to lead a small but hardworking grants team, see the job posting and apply here.

And now, to the grantees:

Community & educationEthereum Cat HerdersCommunity group supporting Ethereum core developers with project management, communication and coordination.
Community & educationEthCCEthereum FranceDeveloper and community conference held in Paris, France.
Community & educationEthereum HNGrassroots Ethereum community group organizing meetups, workshops and developer events in Honduras.
Community & educationEther University Content and Educational ResourcesNathan LeungCommunity-building and educational resources for undergraduate students participating in the ETH Summer learning program.
Community & educationETHUni: ETH Spring Community DevelopmentScott Moses SunartoCommunity building and support for the ETH Spring undergraduate learning program, plus formatting and migration of content to the ETH Spring website for public consumption.
Community & educationETHUni: ETH SummerTherese Cresalia and Scott Moses SunartoManagement of ETH Summer, a virtual program to introduce undergraduate computer science and mathematics students to Ethereum.
Community & educationSmart Contract Auditing BootcampSecureumStructured program to train aspiring auditors on smart contract security and auditing.
Community & educationEthereum Public Goods Funding MappingSumedha DeshmukhResearch project to map out the public good funding landscape within the Ethereum ecosystem.
Community & educationCryptofund 2021UNICEFCryptocurrency-denominated investment fund targeting startups that use blockchain technology for social impact.
Consensus layerEth2 CrawlerChainSafeDiscV5 crawler, API and front end to capture and interact with information about beacon chain nodes.
Consensus layerFast Hash-to-Curve ResearchDimitri KoshelevResearch and write-up about faster hash-to-G2 hash functions for BLS12-381 for potential performance optimizations in SNARKs, L2 dapps and more.
Consensus layerStereumRock LogicDocker images for solo stakers to install a beacon chain client and dependencies in a single setup, with support for all production clients on testnet and mainnet.
Consensus layerBeacon FuzzSigma PrimeContinued maintenance and development of Beacon Fuzz, a beacon chain testing framework, including performance optimizations, integration of new clients and targets, and testing new Altair functions for bugs or vulnerabilities.
Consensus layerLighthouseSigma PrimeContinued development of the Lighthouse beacon chain client.
Consensus layerBeacon Chain Liveness ImprovementsStanford University's Tse LabResearch into solutions for potential liveness attacks on Ethereum's beacon chain consensus algorithm.
Consensus layerEthereum Staking Committee JapanEffort to expand staking in Japan through awareness, education, and support for the engineering community, as well as fostering the Japanese staking environment from technical, regulatory, and business perspectives.
Cryptography & zero knowledge proofsZK GamesJustin GlibertState of the art research on using zkSNARKs in blockchain game mechanics to build decentralized real-time strategy games.
Cryptography & zero knowledge proofsVerkle Trie OptimizationsDag Arne OsvikImplementation of the verkle trie data structure for Stateless Ethereum.
Cryptography & zero knowledge proofsMPC Phase 2 UI EnhancementsGeoff LamperdImprovements to the Phase 2 MPC trusted setup UI for a faster and more streamlined process, based on learnings from the zkopru MPC.
Cryptography & zero knowledge proofsZK Developer ToolingJacob Rosenthal and Blaine BublitzDevelopment of tools to improve the applied ZK developer experience, including contributions to Dark Forest, circom, and Hardhat .
Cryptography & zero knowledge proofsETHUni: Private Data Marketplace POCNick UlvenDevelopment of a proof of concept on-chain marketplace for secret or permissioned data using zkSNARKs.
Developer experience & toolingclr.fund UIclr.fundImprovements to the user experience for the clr.fund decentralized quadratic funding protocol, including improvements to the clr.fund deployer, subgraph, documentation archives, new MACI circuits that allow scaling to millions of users, and conducting a trusted setup ceremony.
Developer experience & toolingVyper/Fe Formally Verified Compilerformalize.ethFormally verified transformation of the Fe smart contract language to Yul as well as development of features needed to support a complete ERC20 implementation.
Developer experience & toolingViblexHeiko BurkhardtGraphical representation of smart contract architectures, enabling users to analyze and interact with the contracts on both mainnet and testnets, including local testnets.
Developer experience & toolingGas Cost Estimator Stage IIImappSystematic approach to estimating gas costs of EVM OPCODEs accounting for differences in hardware, software and programming environments, in order to inform discussions on adjusting OPCODE prices.
Developer experience & toolingFormal Verification of Yul Compiler TransformationsKestrel InstituteFormalization of the semantics of the Yul language, as well as application and extension of existing formal verification and equivalence checking tools to prove the correctness of Yul compiler optimizations
Developer experience & toolingDecentralized Community Management ResearchOther InternetResearch study and paper on decentralized community management, analyzing organizational composition, communications, and conflict resolution and proposing community management best practices.
Developer experience & toolingGCatch++Penn State UniversityExtension of GCatch, a system for detecting concurrency bugs in Go programs, to apply detection of channel-related non-blocking bugs to Ethereum clients.
Developer experience & toolingTransaction Classification SchemaRotkiOpen source library and set of schemas to decode ethereum transactions and classify the associated actions (e.g. classifying a transaction as a CLR donation, a token exchange, or adding liquidity to an AMM).
Developer experience & toolingDecentralized Identity ToolingSymfoniOpen source toolkit for decentralized identity and verified credentials on Ethereum, including wallet, data container and SDK.
Execution layerNethermind Execution ClientNethermindContinued maintenance and development of the Nethermind execution client.
Execution layerLayer 1 R&DQuiltSupport for ongoing research and development into Layer 1 protocol features and security.
Execution layerNimbus Execution ClientStatusContinued maintenance and development of the Nimbus execution client.
Execution layerFluffy Portal ClientStatusDevelopment of the Fluffy light client, designed for the Portal Network, which aims to enable resource-restricted devices to contribute to the Ethereum network by accessing the necessary APIs to perform standard wallet operations without needing to sync the full state.
Execution layerErigonTorquemContinued maintenance and development of the Torquem (fka TurboGeth) execution client.
Layer 2Arbitrum ReviewKev ZettlerReview of the Arbitrum system and codebase, reporting any vulnerabilities to the Arbitrum team, similar to the previously supported review of Optimism.
Layer 2L2BeatWebsite displaying usage statistics and risk factors for comparison between Layer 2 scaling solutions.
User experienceBrightIDAdvancement of BrightID's social identity network infrastructure, including strengthening node security and anti-sybil protections, building a web client, and enabling blind signatures.
User experienceZK Games Design SupportMoe JannehDesign support and artwork for teams working on experimental ZK games and applications.

Total Awarded in Q2: $7,794,000

Are you working on something you think could change Ethereum for the better? Head to our grants page to learn more about what we look for in the projects we fund.

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