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Merge Data Challenge Results

Posted by Rodrigo Vasquez on December 5, 2022

Merge Data Challenge Results

The Ethereum Foundation is excited to announce the winners of the Merge Data Challenge 🐼.

The challenge ran for ~9 weeks surrounding the Merge, allowing for data analysts to gather and review information both before and after the big event. Participants submitted a treasure trove of data and analysis in 45(!) different blog posts.

Enjoy combing through the many insights and, as everything is open source, feel free to open things up and extend/modify the analysis!


Prizes are divided into three tiers, based on the overall quality, scope, extensibility, and usefulness to the community.

Gold ($30k prize) 🥇

Silver ($10k prize) 🥈

Bronze ($2.5k prize) 🥉

Looking Forward

The Merge Data Challenge produced excellent new tools, analyses, and visualizations. That said, there is ongoing work to do in monitoring and understanding Ethereum's proof-of-stake network -- especially in the Beacon Chain consensus-layer.

If you're interested in digging deeper or productionizing the tools and techniques found in these submissions, please consider applying to the Ecosystem Support Program!

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