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Devconnect Istanbul Cowork Tickets Are Live!

Posted by Devconnect Team on August 8, 2023

Devconnect Istanbul Cowork Tickets Are Live!

Greetings, Ethereum builders and enthusiasts!

We're thrilled to announce that ticket sales for the Devconnect Cowork in Istanbul are now open! 🥳

You can get your tickets here,and also see that our website got a fresh new makeover! 💅

Come back here right after you snagged your ticket, to learn more about the Devconnect Cowork, planning your trip to Istanbul, and what to expect from the Devconnect schedule.

The Legendary Devconnect Cowork 💻🦄

The concept of Devconnect works only because of the independent teams that organize events during Devconnect week. One thing we (the Devconnect team) are aiming to do is provide you with the best coworking experience you’ve ever had. Our mission is to foster collaboration and community. Consider the Cowork your meeting point, workspace, and place to unwind during Devconnect.

For 10€, you’ll gain access to the official Devconnect Cowork for the entire Devconnect week from November 13-19. The Cowork will be in the Istanbul Congress Center (ICC).

Head over to our brand new website for more information on the Cowork, and (of course) to get your ticket! We aim for the Devconnect Cowork alone to provide ample opportunities to connect, network, and learn.

Remember, you will need separate tickets for each of the events you want to attend. All events are independently hosted, and the teams will handle their ticketing. Check out our curated schedule to find your favorite events.

Istanbul, Byte by Byte: Your Devconnect City Guide 🌇

Now that you have your Cowork tickets, you can get started planning your travels. And don’t forget to get a Visa if you need one.

We're preparing a comprehensive city guide for you, aimed at preparing you for the best Devconnect experience in Istanbul. Check it out before booking your accommodation to see which neighborhoods we recommend staying in during Devconnect. We'll add more info to the guide related to moving around in the city, once we're closer to the event, so stay tuned.

For those still hesitating about whether Devconnect Istanbul is the right choice, take a look at the videos that the local community in Istanbul has shared, showcasing what the city has to offer. We ran a small challenge on Twitter - if you’re curious, head over to the city guide and get some first-hand impressions. Thanks again to everyone who shared their point of view!

Devconnect Schedule Updates 📆

We're also excited that our curated Devconnect schedule is growing! We’ve received some new submissions from community event hosts. Check out the schedule and decide which events are the best fit for you. Remember, these are deep-dive events, so don't overbook yourself :). While ticket sales for the Cowork start today (yay!), the independent events might not yet have opened up their ticket sales.

Are you looking to organize your own Devconnect event? We've got you covered with a comprehensive Event Host Guide.

Volunteer at Devconnect 💪

Volunteering is often the best way to get started in the Ethereum ecosystem. For those who want to experience the event from behind the scenes and contribute to its success, we've just opened volunteer applications for Devconnect Cowork.

Fill out the volunteer form here!

Ready, set, go! 🏁

If you’ve read this far without getting your tickets, now is the time! Stay tuned for updates about the calendar and other Devconnect-related news on Twitter @EFDevconenct.

That's all for now.

Yours in decentralization,

Devconnect team

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