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Allocation Update: Q2 2023

Posted by Ecosystem Support Program Team on August 15, 2023

Allocation Update: Q2 2023

It's time to share the list of impressive projects and community events that received funding in Q2! Read all about them below:

Community & educationDeFi Security SummitSummit in Paris, France covering all angles of DeFi security including auditing, tooling, and bug mitigation, by exploring some of the biggest DeFi exploits and diving into practical ways to increase security coverage for code.
Community & educationDWeb Camp & Global Fellows ProgramInternet ArchiveFive-day event with the purpose of tackling real-world challenges facing web3 and co-creating decentralized technologies of the future.
Community & educationETHBarcelonaConference and hackathon in Barcelona, Spain covering topics such as public goods, privacy, and scalability.
Community & educationETH BelgradeConference and hackathon in Belgrade, Serbia covering topics such as zero knowledge (ZK), infrastructure, and scaling.
Community & educationEthereum Argentina ConferenceConference in Buenos Aires, Argentina with beginner and advanced content on topics such as sharding, ZK, and staking.
Community & educationEthereum SingaporeHackathon focused on social impact and conference covering topics such as ZK and layer 2s (L2s), held in Singapore.
Community & educationEthereum Slovenia MeetupMeetup in Ljubljana, Slovenia to relaunch Ethereum Slovenia community's grassroots activities.
Community & educationEthereum Uruguay Third Edition EventEvent in Montevideo, Uruguay with talks and developer workshops covering topics such as public goods, web3 onboarding, and account abstraction.
Community & educationETHKLSupport to organize Ethereum education and grassroots community activities in Malaysia, including a conference and hackathon, local meetups, and a hacker house.
Community & educationETH Latam HondurasETH KipuConference to share knowledge, experiences, and education about Ethereum in Latin America, organized for 2024 and set in Honduras.
Community & educationETHPragueConference and hackathon in Prague, Czech Republic focused on the future of Ethereum and potential concepts or applications that don't yet exist.
Community & educationETHRomeHackathon in Rome, Italy focusing on governance and privacy-preserving technologies.
Community & educationETH WarsawConference and hackathon in Warsaw, Poland focusing on topics such as security, L2s, and decentralized identity.
Community & educationSMT 2023Workshop that aims to bring together researchers working on Satisfiability Modulo Theories (SMT) and users of SMT techniques and tools.
Community & educationWeb3 Lagos ConferenceWeb3BridgeConference in Lagos, Nigeria covering topics such as Ethereum upgrades, public goods, and account abstraction.
Community & educationWeb3Privacy NowResearch project to work with the community towards a framework to explore, analyze, and assess privacy in web3 protocols, dapps, and services.
Consensus layerData Availability Sampling R&DEchoData Availability Sampling (DAS) R&D work that includes developing a hardened S-Kademlia prototype, writing a literature review and summaries, and supporting other ongoing DAS grants.
Consensus layerDistributed Systems and/or Formal Verification ResearchConsenSys Dependable Distributed Systems TeamResearch on key areas in the Ethereum protocol roadmap within the domains of formal verification and distributed systems design and analysis.
Consensus layereth-dutiesTobias WohlandSelf-hosted infrastructure tool that helps stakers and validators with Ethereum node/client maintenance by providing an overview of the upcoming duties of their active validators.GitHub, Twitter
Consensus layerImplementation of PEPC with an In-Protocol PBSDiego EstevezImplementing a proof-of-concept of Protocol-Enforced Proposer Commitments (PEPC) which allows validators to enter into commitments with third parties, along with a protocolized version of vanilla proposer-builder separation (PBS) for it.Twitter
Consensus layerMinRoot VDF ResearchCompensating cryptographers for the MinRoot security research completed during the verifiable delay function (VDF) event in Lyon, France.
Consensus layerNimbus Consensus Layer ClientStatusContinued development of the Nimbus consensus layer client, which involves sustaining performance and stability on production beacon chain, performing R&D on light clients, and creating public documentation.
Cryptography & zero knowledge proofsAnon Aadhaar SDK SupportYanis MezianeCreate a set of tools that improves developer experience and enables any developer to integrate the Anon Aadhaar circuit with the proof carrying data (PCD) software development kit (SDK).
Cryptography & zero knowledge proofsChiquitoSteve WangChiquito is a step-based high-level Rust DSL (Pychiquito is a Python DSL for Chiquito) that provides better syntax and abstraction for constraint building and column placement when writing plonkish circuits and has a halo2 backend, and other backends are in the works.
Cryptography & zero knowledge proofsLambdadelta - Decentralized Event Feed ProtocolreilgunDecentralized, peer-to-peer, and permissionless multiwriter event feed that is both anonymous and private. A library that implements the protocol and a proof-of-concept application that uses the library will also be developed.
Cryptography & zero knowledge proofsEfficientZKMLArtem Grigor & Georg WieseResearch to validate that using Weightless Neural Networks in zero-knowledge machine learning (ZKML) use cases is a promising direction to pursue.
Cryptography & zero knowledge proofsEPFL Cryptographic Research GroupSupporting an EPFL Cryptographic Research Group for one year, led by Associate Professor Alessandro Chiesa and comprising two PhD students and one postdoctoral researcher.
Cryptography & zero knowledge proofsHyperNovaOskarProof-of-concept implementation and a technical writeup of HyperNova, a new folding/accumulation scheme similar to halo2 but for sum check-based protocols.
Cryptography & zero knowledge proofsIsokratiaAmir BolousTrust-minimized governance platform that uses off-chain, free voting and recursive SNARKs to increase decentralization and reduce trust assumptions.
Cryptography & zero knowledge proofsP-256 Smart Contract Wallet with zk-SNARKsRichard LiuExpand Ethereum transaction signatures to biometric attestation methods by developing a smart contract wallet with P-256 signature verification and a zk-SNARK on-chain verifier.
Cryptography & zero knowledge proofsRust Implementation of Interactive Zero-Knowledge ProtocolsPADO LabsBuild open-source Rust implementations of foundational multi-party computation components, and implement a state of the art "Silent OT" protocol, i.e. Ferret.Telegram
Cryptography & zero knowledge proofsSemaphore ProtocolVivian PlasenciaContinued development of Semaphore's command-line interface, website and documentation, boilerplate, and community support.GitHub
Cryptography & zero knowledge proofsUniRep ProtocolContinued development of UniRep, specifically working on its smart contract, circuit, general testing, and other open issues.
Cryptography & zero knowledge proofsZeta Function TechnologiesResearch on new pairing-based protocols such as cached quotients, and applying them to build faster SNARKs for a few important widely-used primitives.
Cryptography & zero knowledge proofsZK Circuits for ZK EigenTrustContinued development of ZK EigenTrust, a reputation management algorithm for peer-to-peer networks using the halo2 proving system.
Cryptography & zero knowledge proofsZKEmailSora SuegamiEmail verification system using zero-knowledge proofs (ZKPs), which developers can use to build various applications by designing the content of the emails to be verified.
Cryptography & zero knowledge proofszkGitHungry Cats StudioEnd-user application that allows developers to prove, in ZK, that they have contributed to a GitHub repository.
Cryptography & zero knowledge proofszkMemoryOrochi NetworkResearch, spec, and implement memory handling circuit constraining techniques to be used within the ZKVMs context.
Cryptography & zero knowledge proofsZKP2PAlex Soong, Brian Weickmann, Richard Liang, & Sachin KumarTrustless peer-to-peer fiat onramp that can be built on top of any web2 payment rails without permission from the payment network itself.
Developer experience & toolingRecovery PulseAndreas Tsamados, Constantin, & Vijay KrishnavanshiA UX-friendly reference implementation framework for smart contract recovery that incorporates the novel Recovery Pulse architecture.
Developer experience & toolingrpcvmLeonard MittmanGolang package for fast and lightweight transaction simulation and debugging with Mainnet forking capability.
Execution layerFluffy Portal ClientStatusContinued development of the Fluffy ultralight client for the Portal Network, aiming to enable resource-restricted devices to access and contribute to the Ethereum network without needing to sync the full state.
Execution layerNethermind 2023 Internship ProgramSupport for Nethermind's internship program, with a focus on core protocol contributors.
Execution layerNimbus Execution Layer ClientStatusContinued development of the Nimbus execution layer client, continuing to productionize by improving performance and stability as well performing R&D on light clients and creating public documentation.
General growth & supportKipu StakersETH KipuProgram that provides staking resources, education, and guidance in Spanish to support Latin American communities and individuals who want to run their own nodes and validators.Discord, Email
General researchAcademic Grants RoundGrants round funding formal research that aims to create more knowledge about Ethereum, blockchain technology, and related domains.
Indirect fundingETHDam Quadratic Funding RoundQuadratic funding round for the projects built during ETHDam's hackathon.
Indirect fundingEthereum Honduras Quadratic Funding RoundQuadratic funding round organized by Ethereum Honduras for public goods projects.
Layer 2Beaconcha.inBitflyAn open-source Ethereum explorer simplifying and making data more accessible to non-technical users, while evolving the current UX standard for explorers.
Othermevboost.picsToni WahrstätterDashboard with charts and visualizations of Relay, Builder, and Proposer landscape.
OtherTrusted Credential Issuer ManagementSpherityGeneral-purpose, Ethereum-based, open-source implementation standard for trusted issuer registries.
Protocol growth & supportAccount Abstraction Grants RoundGrants round to encourage development, research, and education around account abstraction and the necessary infrastructure to support it.
Protocol growth & supportEphemery Testnetpk910 & Rémy RoyAutomatically reset testnet which enables a single testing infrastructure consisting of ephemeral networks with deterministic parameters.
Protocol growth & supportKZG Ceremony Grants RoundGrants round to support the Ethereum KZG Ceremony.
Protocol growth & supportmev-rs Implementation SupportOnlyDustSupport for OnlyDust community for contributions to mev-rs.
Protocol growth & supportSummer of Protocols18-week program aiming to catalyze broad-based and wide-ranging exploration of the rapidly evolving world of protocols.
Protocol growth & supportVerkle Tries Implementation SupportOnlyDustSupport for OnlyDust community contributors for their work on a Verkle Tries implementation for Hyperledger Besu.

Total awarded in Q2: $9,218,158.34

Are you working on something you think could change Ethereum for the better? Head to our grants page to learn more about what we look for in the projects we fund.

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