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Update 2 - Preparing for Devconnect Events

Posted by Devconnect Team on November 3, 2023

Update 2 - Preparing for Devconnect Events

Last week, we posted an advisory update on recent events and potential travel considerations related to Devconnect.

Safety is our first and primary consideration now, and we are closely monitoring the situation, including working closely with local security providers, law enforcement, and external risk advisory partners to understand and anticipate risks to Devconnect. We have also conducted an internal review of our security arrangements and crisis response plans, to make sure they are appropriate.

Further, we will share advisories and updates in public channels if anything changes, in addition to other information on how guests can make sure that events are safe and secure.

The Israel government has also released a notice warning any Israelis in the country to leave Turkey immediately.

With that said, we wanted to share important details necessary for those attending the event week, including city and event information for events that have planned to move forward.

🛠️ Craft your decentralized Devconnect experience

Devconnect is a week-long Ethereum gathering to make progress, organized by the community. Independent teams host different events in distinct venues. The Coworking Spaces in the Istanbul Congress Center ties everything together, it’s the place where we come together after being spread out to different events.

While the event hosts set the stage, you decide which acts to be part of. You are in the driving seat. You are creating your own schedule and Devconnect experience. Here’s how:

  1. Dive into the array of deep-dive events listed on the Devconnect schedule, and for side events and social gatherings, check the multiple community-run calendars.

  2. Secure your spot! Many events require an application, as the goal is to gather experts and people very interested in the respective Ethereum topics. Remember, the sessions on the schedule are intense deep dives; prioritize and choose the ones that resonate with you. If you missed out on securing your desired tickets, keep a lookout on the Community Hub on Telegram (read below in “quick info” how to join), where we’ll try to post updates about events that still have available spaces. This chat is also a great resource for coordinating with others to attend events together.

  3. Share your personal schedule with fellow enthusiasts and sync up for some inspiring discussions.

🛫 Istanbul travel tips

A few essential things to keep in mind when embarking on your trip:

  • 🏠 Where to stay: We highly recommend staying within walking distance to the ICC or close to Metro lines M2 and F1 for ease of moving around in the city (ICC is connected to Taksim and Osmanbey station). Check the neighborhoods we recommend in the city guide.

  • 📡 Wifi: It’s always nice to be connected while on-the-go or have a backup in case of poor connectivity: We recommend purchasing a local SIM card or a large package of an e-SIM. We have secured discounts from two different e-SIM providers for you! a) Airalo offers a discount for all Devconnect Cowork attendees to receive 20% off their chosen data package with the code “DEVCONNECT” up until 30th November, 2023. b) The local provider Roamless offers you 2GB for free and another 5 USD free credit if you add 20 USD or more into your Roamless wallet. Use the code "DEVCONNECT".

  • 🌦️ Weather whispers: Istanbul in autumn is a mix of crisp air with occasional rain showers. Pack those cozy layers and don't forget your rain jacket.

  • 🥾 The city of seven hills: Pack sturdy shoes because Istanbul can get hilly.

  • 🚃 Transportation: We recommend traveling by Metro and tram, as traffic can get busy. During rush hours, 7-10AM, 4-7PM, it can be very hard to find an empty taxi. You can tap and pay in most public transports with your phone and credit card. If you need a taxi, use ride-hailing services like Uber or the local equivalent BiTaksi and always verify the license plate matches what's shown in the app. Check the “tips from a local” section in the city guide for more advice around taxis and other essential local information.

  • 💵 Crypto payments: Crypto Payments for goods or services are illegal in Turkey. It is legal to own crypto and trade crypto, but we should keep in mind to avoid using it for payments.

The ICC Cowork venue is located right in the heart of Istanbul, in a very modern area. You can find many hotels and local restaurants nearby. For more tips and recommendations, check out the City-Guide.

⚡ Quick info

  • 🎫 Cowork tickets: The Devconnect Cowork is open all week from 9am to 8pm and will be the place to work with your team, and meet the Ethereum community. Secure your ticket here before they sell out.

  • 😎 Swag: We have a specially designed Devconnect Turkish towel for you! 🧖‍♀️ You have the opportunity to purchase it together with the Cowork ticket, and they will be ready for you to collect at the Cowork registration.

  • 💬Community Hub: Once you've claimed your ZK ticket for the Cowork or another ZK-ticketed Devconnect event, we invite you to become a part of the Devconnect Community Hub! To join this group, each person must prove that they have a Zupass ticket to a Devconnect event. You'll find instructions on how to join the chat in the email dispatched to you this week (search for the subject line “Devconnect Cowork your order.”) Inside the Telegram Community Hub, we’ll share important Devconnect updates and build community along the way.

  • 👪 Meeting rooms and discussion corners: The Cowork will include meeting rooms for short and private meetings, and “discussion corners” for public dialogue, open to everyone. Please find the guidelines and booking information for these two types of meeting spaces here.

  • 📰 Press & Podcast RSVP: Ask for a media pass here. We’ll have a podcast recording room available for those with an approved Devconnect Cowork media pass.

  • 📺 Watch online: Live-streaming of workshops and talks increases the inclusivity for community members around the world for those who aren’t able to attend. With the help of Streameth we are live-streaming multiple Devconnect events, happening at the ICC venue. Watch the live streams and recordings here.

  • 🎊 Side events: Our official Devconnect calendar only lists full-day, educational, Ethereum-focused events. Check the several community-run side event schedules that are making the rounds.

🦄 Updates from the community

  • 🇨🇿 DCxPrague is a community-organized satellite Devconnect that thoughtfully came together in addition to the events planned for Istanbul to welcome the doers who aren’t attending in Istanbul, but who want to come together to make some progress. The community in Prague is putting this together and tickets and speaker applications are open right now!

  • 🇹🇷 ETH Günü is the one-day Ethereum event all in Turkish is for students, developers, researchers, finance professionals, and anyone curious to learn more about Ethereum. It’s taking place on the first day of Devconnect and you can get tickets here.

  • 💁 The local student club ITU blockchain has put together a tourist guide and a food and drink guide for Istanbul.

  • 🧑‍💻 Fe Lang hackathon: Do you want to hack and win prizes? Check out Fe Day — it's a beginner-friendly workshop on the Fe Language, topped off with a hackathon, and they still have free spots!

📅 Events with open ticket sales and applications

Autonomous Arcade & Mass AdoptionIOSG VenturesNovember 14, 2023Join us as we shift our focus toward exploring the intersection of blockchain with gaming and other applications. Here, we engage, connect, and ignite to shape the future of this transformative technology within the gaming landscape and talk about applications, Data, ZK, and other topics within this one-day event including talks and panels joined by the industry leaders. Don’t miss it out to be part of the Old Friends Reunion that shapes the future of this dynamic world! Together, we further!
Autonomous Worlds Assembly0xPARCNovember 15, 2023 → November 16, 2023We will run talks, game demos, workshops, and panels to advance the plot on Autonomous Worlds. Tracks include World Technology, Digital Physics, and Decentralised Worldbuilding.
Censorship.WTFT&TNovember 18, 2023Join us to discuss censorship (resistance) at all layers of the Ethereum stack.
D1Conf - Decentralized Insurance ConferenceEtherisc, Chainproof, QuantstampNovember 16, 2023D1Conf is the premier event that brings together the decentralized insurance community, insurtech innovators, and traditional insurance companies who are focused on redefining the possibilities within the industry.
d:pactMerkezsiz, Paribu Hub, Funding the Commons, Regens Unite Token Engineering AcademyNovember 15, 2023D:pact is a day summit at the heart of Istanbul during DevConnect which covers Media, Culture and Impact. The event will serve as a catalyst for stimulating discussions, forging meaningful connections, and nurturing innovative approaches that can drive positive change in our interconnected world by diving deep into technical concepts from a non-technical perspective.
DatapaloozaThe GraphNovember 13, 2023Datapalooza will explore data infrastructure and data needs across Ethereum. The event will cover R&D and tooling in The Graph ecosystem and across web3, focusing on use cases for dapps, analytics, tooling, LLMs, and more. Join us to collaborate with the data community on building the best solutions for developers and users! Attendees can expect a full day of talks, panels, and workshops by developers, researchers, and subject matter experts.
ETH Global hackathonETHGlobalNovember 17, 2023 → November 19, 2023Hackathons teach new skills, strengthen developer communities, and push the limits of new technologies. Join us at ETHGlobal Istanbul to help build the decentralized future!
ETHGlobal PragmaETHGlobalNovember 16, 2023ETHGlobal Pragma is an in-person summit for builders and leaders in the web3 ecosystem.
ETHconomicsRobust Incentives GroupNovember 15, 2023ETHconomics gathers budding researchers and established Researchooors to explore the hardest problems in cryptoeconomics.
ETHgünü (ETH Day)Türkiye Ethereum CommunityNovember 13, 20231-day intro-to-Ethereum event in the Turkish language focused on locals: students, web2 devs, and newbies into trading but never knew what really Ethereum is.
EVM SummitIpsilon TeamNovember 14, 2023The EVM Summit 0 will explore the future of the Ethereum Virtual Machine, identifying areas for improvement and addressing challenges. The summit will cover a range of topics, including L1 and L2 scaling solutions, zkEVMs, and encourage collaboration between different networks. Additionally, it will feature interesting discussions on the language and smart contract world, as well as security, and client-specific findings on EVM peculiarities.
Fe DayFe Lang TeamNovember 15, 2023Hackathon and workshop all around the Fe programming language: a powerful, future-proof and statically typed language that is easy to learn.
Hot Take Series: Battle of the L2sAvailNovember 13, 2023A day-long technical conference where L2 players convince interested devs and rollup teams why their approach is superior when it comes to tackling blockchain scalability and why they are the superior L2 stack to build upon for their next killer application. Join us to witness which L2 shall stand and which shall fall behind the rest when it comes down to the nitty-gritty details; away from all the hype.
HyperlinkconsensysNovember 13, 2023Consensys is bringing Hyperlink, an event series that brings the most influential topics, trends and thought leaders under one roof to Istanbul. Join us for a day full of thought-provoking conversations, a thriving friendly community, and a foundation built upon the pillars of hyperlinks and protocols. You’ll be able to connect with leaders developing cutting-edge theses, discuss new insights from heads-down builders, and learn as experts take the stage to discuss, compare, and explore the latest tools and trends.
L2DAYS IstanbulL2BEAT, ScrollNovember 14, 2023 → November 15, 2023A two-day technical conference dedicated to Ethereum L2 Scaling. Meet industry leaders: builders and developers, learn during talks and panels, and attend workshops. As L2BEAT, we are carefully curating the agenda to focus on technological breakthroughs and security challenges.
Light Client SummitLight Client Working GroupNovember 18, 2023A day for builders to explore the state of light clients in the Ethereum ecosystem.
Nethermind SummitNethermindNovember 15, 2023Nethermind Summit is a 1-day builders’ event gathering a global community of developers, engineers, and researchers. The day will feature technical explorations around the cornerstones of blockchain: Security, Decentralization, and Scalability. Each topic pillar will deliver a mixture of talks & workshops. Meet and connect with Ethereum, Cosmos, and Starknet builders, exchange ideas, and discuss roadmaps.
Onchain Summit: Superchain EditionOptimismNovember 14, 2023Onchain Summit is the Optimism Collective’s first ever full day summit, bringing together ecosystem partners and value-aligned builders. The event features curated content, panels, and technical workshops for builders and creators excited about scaling the OP Stack and building towards the Superchain future.
Programmable Cryptography Conference (Progcrypto)0xPARC, Privacy & Scaling ExplorationsNovember 16, 2023 → November 17, 2023We’re entering into the age of “programmable cryptography”—SNARKs, STARKs, general-purpose MPC, FHE, and related primitives are making cryptography more flexible and applicable than it’s ever been before. Topics include new research developments in applied cryptography, infrastructure for tools like zkSNARKs and MPC, and applications of these new cryptographic primitives for areas such as digital identity or financial privacy.
RepConnect: A Web3 Reputation SummitCeramic, Consensys Mesh, Veramo and moreNovember 13, 2023RepConnect is setting the stage to enlighten the Web3 community about how reputation is revolutionizing the decentralized space – from dApps and DeFi, to DAOs, DeSci, AI, and loyalty systems. We're gathering top projects and leading thinkers from the reputation and identity worlds for one purpose: to discuss our shared future.
Staking GatheringEthStakerNovember 13, 2023 → November 14, 2023Everything about Ethereum staking. New, experienced, at-scale, and institutional stakers welcome. We'll be hosting a variety of speakers and projects for all kinds of staking-related topics: tooling, infrastructure, liquid staking, home staking, client diversity, analytics, dashboarding, etc.
Starknet CC IstanbulStarknet FoundationNovember 13, 2023Join us for a comprehensive one-day StarknetCC. Engage directly with industry experts and deep dive into the Starknet architecture, participate in developer tutorials and workshops, and hear from our leading ecosystem projects on their latest products and updates. This gathering is focused on the advancements of the Starknet blockchain and its promise & future for scaling Ethereum. Don't miss out on this deep-dive!
unStable SummitThe Herd StudioNovember 15, 2023From the team that brought you the inaugural Stable Summit comes a one-day technical deep dive into all things hacking, breaking and destabilizing stablecoins. Featuring case studies on the biggest exploits, codebase reviews of major failures, roundtable discussions about best practices and so much more – the unStable Summit will be a celebration of everything DeFi is hoping to prevent, with the leaders who are building the future of failure-resistant money.
User Security SummitGoPlus SecurityNovember 16, 2023The primary objective of this event is to delve into the intricacies of the web3 security stack, offering a comprehensive understanding of the framework. We aim to establish a clear definition of 'web3 user security' and foster greater collaboration between the development and user communities. Our ultimate goal is to enhance the safety and security of the web3 ecosystem, ensuring that users can enjoy a more secure and trustworthy web3 experience.
Vyper DayApeWorX Ltd.November 16, 2023Learn about the latest developments with the Vyper language and developer tooling through a one day only event dedicated solely to Vyper. Talks, conversations, and workshops available to anyone interested in learning more about Vyper for developing production smart contracts.
Wallet UnconferenceEF, WalletConnect, CASA, FissionNovember 17, 2023WalletUncon is a one day unconference on wallets, standards, usability, and more. Come learn from some foundational overview talks, and then split into groups for discussion.
Web3 UX UnconferenceWeb3 Design - ConfluxNovember 16, 2023Open-source design unconference and structured working groups helping to drive improved User Experience and usability standards forward for the decentralized eco-system.
ZK Developer DaySuccinctNovember 15, 2023ZK Developer Day brings together the ZK community for a day of talks and workshops around ZK cryptography and its applications.
Zero Knowledge Proofs UnleashedThe Phoenix GuildNovember 14, 2023A 1 Day IRL event during DevConnect inviting all ZK enthusiasts to come and learn about the technology and the various web3 protocols leveraging it. ZK Day will aim to take the builders on a ZKP Journey, starting from basics to being able to learn to build on top of this technology.

This table includes all events that opened up ticket sales or applications at the time of writing. We’ll keep our schedule updated over at Devconnect.org, as further additions to the Devconnect schedule come together.


  • Need a visa invitation letter? If you’ve purchased a cowork ticket, you can request a visa invitation letter here.

  • Media inquiries? Please note, we don't share media lists and are not looking for partnerships, but press pass applications are open here.

  • What do I need to know about safety? Your safety is our utmost priority now. We are actively monitoring the situation, working closely with local security providers, law enforcement, and external risk advisory partners to understand and anticipate risks to Devconnect. We've reviewed our security arrangements and crisis response plans to ensure they're appropriate. Read our safety advisories in the city guide and for updates, keep an eye on our public channels on Telegram and Twitter/X. Please also be aware of the recent warning issued by the Israeli government for Israelis in the country to leave Turkey immediately.

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