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Today, we (the Devcon organizing team) are excited to make public a new way to get involved in next year’s event, and one that should make Devcon an experience that better represents Ethereum as a whole.

Devcon Improvement Proposals (DIPs) are a new tool to involve collaborative community input from across the ecosystem. They are aimed at improving the Devcon experience by formalizing a process to get your ideas heard and integrated into the event.

Why now?

In previous posts, we’ve touched on doing more to represent the entire Ethereum ecosystem at Devcon. However, doing so at any one event has become more and more challenging over the years. In many ways, this is a welcome problem to have, since the challenge is thanks to the growth in both size and diversity among builders, presenters, attendees, organizations and everyone else that’s participating.

While there was a time when everyone involved might have easily fit into a classroom, we’ve long since passed a point where demand exceeded supply in more ways than one (e.g. the amount of tickets, talk slots, or dogfooded applications).

So while we took first steps in solving for specific areas of past difficulty in our launch post earlier this year, we’ve also tried to be proactive when thinking about how to factor for things that no one team might think to include on their own. And that’s led us here.

How do DIPs work?

Let’s dig in. The best way to get started with DIPs is by visiting the DIP github repo and by joining the conversation over at the new Devcon Forum.

As a first step, we recommend posting your idea in the Devcon Forum to receive feedback from a wider community. Once things feel a bit more defined, you can submit a formal proposal. From the time of a submission, you’ll be able to receive feedback from our team and others to help refine ideas, to discuss how they might fit into the program, and more.

The process is inspired by the PEP, BIP and EIP processes, and while this new experiment is a bit more centralized (in that the approval of proposals ultimately lies with the Devcon team), we are excited to have a new way to branch out and hope to find consensus on a whole bunch of newly proposed ideas. The goals of DIPs are for everyone to feel heard, to have a more open discussion, and (most importantly) to improve the event by listening to and learning from the innovators around us.

What might DIPs look like?

If this process sounds rather abstract to you so far and you’re wondering what DIPs might actually look like, you’re in luck! DIPs are just being made public today, but the Devcon team has been working with a few teams to trial-run the first proposals in recent weeks.

Some of our first proposals include trying to make Devcon carbon neutral, enabling hotel and flight bookings through a FOSS decentralized travel marketplace, preparing a permissionless treasure hunt, and providing attendees with a smart wallet card during the conference.

Wrapping up

We know that the Ethereum ecosystem has simply grown too large for our team alone to be aware of every great idea out there. With the aid of DIPs, combined with your awesome continued involvement, we can make Devcon more representative of our community than ever before.

For more information, everyone is welcome to check out DIP-0, to take a look at the DIPs already submitted, and to join the forum to participate in new and ongoing discussions. We can’t wait to hear from you!


Anuncio de “Propuestas de mejoras para Devcon” (DIPs)

Estamos muy emocionados de compartir con ustedes este espacio dedicado a recibir “Propuestas de mejora para Devcon” (DIP por sus siglas en inglés); abriendo así una nueva forma de participación de nuestra comunidad en el proceso de construcción y realización de esta experiencia.

Queremos contar con una participación activa y colaborativa de los miembros de nuestro ecosistema que enriquezca la experiencia de Devcon 6, convirtiéndola en única y representativa del espíritu de la comunidad Ethereum.

Para iniciar, la mejor manera es visitar el repositorio de DIP github y unirse a la conversación en el nuevo Foro de Devcon

Te recomendamos seguir los siguientes pasos:

Desde el momento de la presentación también podrás recibir comentarios de nuestro equipo y otros participantes del foro, los cuales te ayudarán a perfeccionar las ideas y analizar cómo podrían encajar en el programa, entre otros.

¡Sabemos que el ecosistema Ethereum ha crecido significativamente, y que ahí afuera hay grandes ideas en las que nuestro equipo aún no ha pensado, por eso esperamos contar con tu participación!