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A call to all the bug bounty hunters out there…

Posted by Jutta Steiner on December 18, 2014

A call to all the bug bounty hunters out there…

Hi, I’m Jutta! As some of you might have read in earlier posts, I’ve recently been busy setting up a security audit prior to the Ethereum genesis block release. Ethereum will launch following a world-class review by experts in IT security, cryptography and blockchain technology. Prior to the launch, we will also complete a bug bounty program - a major cornerstone of our approach to achieving security.

The bug bounty program will rely on the Ethereum community and all other motivated bug bounty hunters out there. We’ll soon release the final details of the program, currently under development by Gustav. A first glimpse:

  • 11 figure total Satoshi rewards.
  • Leaderboard listing top contributors by total hunting score.
  • Other l33t ideas for rewards soon to be announced… just wondering if a contract in our genesis block could be the perfect place to eternalize the hall of fame (:
Get ready for hunting down flaws in the protocols, Go implementation and network code. For those looking for a distraction over the holidays, please note that the protocols and code-base are currently still subject to change. Please also note that rewards will only be given to submissions received after the official launch of the bounty program. Detailed submission guidelines, rules and other info on the exact scope will soon be published on http://ethdev.com.

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