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Wrapping up Devconnect, looking ahead!

Posted by Devcon Team on May 30, 2022

Wrapping up Devconnect, looking ahead!

A few weeks ago, we came together in Amsterdam for the first-ever Devconnect. Over eight days, members of the Ethereum community hosted events, intensive workshops, and enlightening talks.

When we announced Devconnect, we envisioned the ecosystem coming together for depth-first and fruitful discussions, and to learn while making serious progress on specific subjects. We’re thrilled to say that, thanks to all of you, we exceeded our expectations.

Recapping Devconnect

We owe a big Thank You to every event host, volunteer, and attendee that made Devconnect a success. Your dedication helped to make this event as decentralized as possible, and we’re excited about the future of this new format.

Independent teams collaborated and facilitated events about the future of Layer 1, staking, L2 and scaling innovations, DAO governance, ETHconomics, MEV, public goods, Solidity and smart contracts, blockchain gaming, art, and well beyond.

Check some of them out in our Devconnect Wrap-up video(!!), which features many event organizers and speakers from throughout the week.

Amsterdam was a unique place to hold Devconnect. The walkability and bike-ability of the city, combined with event locations like the Beurs van Berlage, Tolhuistuin, and the Grand Hotel Krasnapolsky added a sense of culture as we continued to build. And whether you biked in the morning to co-work or took the ferry to the north side, everything was accompanied by sunshine and colorful tulips along the road. We truly hope that the aggregate of each of these events and experiences made Devconnect invaluable to you as well.

With so much happening, it was hard to witness the goings-on at all corners of Devconnect. Luckily, the organizing teams have been posting talks, full recaps (ETH Day), and more. Content from most events can now be found on the Devconnect schedule, StreamETH, and at each event's website.

Some of our team’s photos are available here as well.

Devcon Rising

So, what’s next? Devcon!

In October, we will come together in Bogotá for Devcon 6. It’s now just months away, and Deva tells us that you should stay tuned for updates on the Devcon blog and Twitter coming very soon!

Xoxo 🦄

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