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Devcon Scholars Program Returns for Devcon SEA!

Posted by Devcon & Team Next Billion on June 7, 2024

Devcon Scholars Program Returns for Devcon SEA!

We are excited to announce the return of the Devcon Scholars Program for Devcon Southeast Asia! Bringing together builders from diverse geographies and disciplines, the Devcon Scholars Program offers more than just a scholarship to attend Devcon – it aims to build a community focused on co-learning and co-creation, to bridge Ethereum with other worlds and to push Ethereum's boundaries. This year, we are looking to welcome up to 100 Scholars divided across four categories: (1) Ethereum Community Organizers, (2) Law Students & Legal Professionals, (3) Artists & Sci-fi Writers, and (4) Other Builders.

Applications are now open, until Sunday, July 7th, 2024 at 11:59pm PST.

What To Expect As a Scholar

The Scholars Program will begin in August and conclude after Devcon in late November.

Here is what selected Scholars can expect:

  • Financial support: Based on individual needs, Scholars are provided financial support for accommodation, flight, visa application, per diem, and/or ticket to Devcon. Note: the level of financial needs will not influence the selection process. Those who don’t require financial support also qualify.
  • Pre-Devcon Community & Programming: Beyond financial support, the Devcon Scholars Program emphasizes building lasting relationships, mentorship, and a space for furthering existing skills and knowledge. There will be online sessions where Scholars meet each other, learn together, and prepare for their experience at Devcon.
  • Devcon: Spending an amazing Devcon week in Bangkok, Thailand.
  • Post-Devcon: After Devcon, each Scholar will submit a Learning Artifact - a free-format creation that expresses their learning and experience in the medium of their choice.

Eligibility & Requirements

To be eligible for the Devcon Scholars Program, applicants must be:

  • A first-time Devcon attendee
  • Able and willing to spend approximately three hours per week over the course of 3 months, for attending online sessions, completing assignments, etc.

We are looking for applicants in the four categories in the table below. Note that applicants can apply under multiple categories, and we strongly encourage applicants from Southeast Asia and other underrepresented communities within the Ethereum ecosystem to apply.

CategoryDescriptionWho Should Apply
Ethereum Community OrganizersThis category will gather a diverse group of Ethereum contributors who advance the Ethereum ecosystem through active community engagement. This cohort is dedicated to recognizing and supporting both established and emerging ethereum community leaders and community organizers who actively work with local communities in blockchain-related domains. This program includes a series of online meetups and brainstorming sessions enabling scholars to learn more about the Ethereum community and values as well as opportunities to meet and interact with other community organizers around the globe.(1) Ethereum community leaders as well as

(2) Community leaders in blockchain-related domains (e.g., communities in open source software, cryptography, economics, and data; broader developer communities).
Law Students & Legal ProfessionalsThis category is designed to cultivate a new generation of legally proficient and technically minded professionals who are committed to the values of the Ethereum ecosystem and who understand the importance of open-source work for the betterment of the Ethereum public commons. The program offers community engagement, technical training, specialised legal sessions, and mentorship from the Ethereum Foundation’s legal team. Participants will gain a deep understanding of the ecosystem, technologies, and law surrounding Ethereum, and will be empowered to contribute meaningfully to the Infinite Garden.(1) Law students: Currently enrolled in a law school; Demonstrated interest in Ethereum technologies and its legal implications; and Involvement in relevant extracurricular activities (such as blockchain clubs, legal blogposts and articles) are a plus.

(2) Early-to-mid career legal professionals: Up to 10 years of professional legal experience; Proven track record in legal research, advocacy, or practice related to technology or financial regulations; and Demonstrated interest in Ethereum, evidenced by prior work, publications, or involvement in blockchain-related legal initiatives.
Artists & Sci-fi Writers CohortThis cohort brings together a diverse group of artists and writers to express through their art - Ethereum's culture, values, and the essence of the Infinite Garden. This program includes a series of lectures, practices, and critiques, enabling you to collaborate with other artists and writers, while expanding the vision of the Infinite Garden. The program concludes with an exhibition at Devcon.(1) All mediums track: This track includes artists of all mediums, including but not limited to: music, dance, visual arts, theater, poetry, and more.

(2) Sci-fi writers track: This track focuses on sci-fi writing and envisioning what the future of the Infinite Garden may look like and the use cases of this technology.
Other BuildersThis category calls for developers as well as other builders from diverse geographies and disciplines who want to push the boundaries of Ethereum. Ethereum knowledge is not required.All are welcome to apply.

More information about each category can be found in the application form.

Apply To The Devcon Scholars Program Today!

We invite you to apply to the Devcon SEA Scholars Program and share this opportunity with someone you know who would be a great fit. The deadline to apply is Sunday, July 7th at 11:59pm PST. Selected applicants will be notified in July.

Here is the application link.

For any questions, feel free to reach out to us at devcon-scholars@ethereum.org. We look forward to hearing from you!

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